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Compounding is the 8th wonder of the world.

Compounding is nothing but interest on interest. The world's richest person Warren Buffet thanks the power of compounding for his fortunes. 30 years ago he was a nobody. But thanks to a return of 18% - 20% he is the world's richest person. You can also be rich by investing early and regularly. See this chart :

When a crater on Venus is named after India's Dr. Anandibai Joshi

Dr. Anandibai Joshi  became India's first lady doctor when girls' education was not given any importance. Although she lived only for 21 years, she managed to achieve so much that now a  crater on Venus  is named after her - " JOSHEE ". Yamuna(renamed Anandi by her husband), born in March 1865 in Kalyan was married at the tender age of 9 to  Gopal Vinayak Joshi  (a post master ) who was 20 years her senior. Anandi, got encouragement from her husband to study English and Sanskrit.

Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka halwa is a traditional slow cooked recipe of grated carrot with milk,  ghee,  cashew nuts,  sugar and raisins.

Silent Hills Resort, Manor

Last year , we went on a trip to Silent Hills Resort, one of the largest planned resorts in India, situated in Manor, off National Highway 8.