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Politics & Quicksand

Politics is like quicksand.    As long as you are at a safe distance, you're good.  The minute you step into the forbidden area, you're as good as gone.

Trump Presidency

"The first family is a complicated one. Donald Trump has had 3 wives, a total of 5 children and many complicated business ties and alleged scandals.........." This was the first line that I heard when I played a video based on the Trump family. Add to that the recent government crisis and you have a failed Trump Presidency.

Sarkaar - The Godfather

Both Hollywood and Bollywood have taken inspiration from the same book. There are only minor plot changes. However both have one similarity : Loss and Pain


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A message from the next Generation

Off late, I've been watching a lot of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes. Some would swear by it and some would call it pure nonsense. Not worth wasting your "precious" time which could be used for other "productive" work. However I wonder, how many people are actually satisfied with the outcome of their so called important and necessary work. Life is a Race. A race one runs only to come first. Second and third is not an option people want to remember is available. Nowadays everyone is in a rush to prove themselves. Be it in academics, sports or other things. But the question is Prove What and to Whom and most importantly Why ?