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Thai Travels Day 3 - Nong Nooch Village & Gems Gallery

Our last day in Pattaya. Nong Nooch Village is not a village in true Indian sense. *wink* The whole place actually belongs to one lady. It's private property and is named after her. The place is beautifully designed and well thought of. The entrance itself radiates positivity. Nong Nooch Village is something like a jungle safari; only difference being that here there are life-size-non-living animals.  There is a dinosaur valley, animal walk and a temple for the four faced God. There is even a Butterfly Hill along with a pottery garden where all the structures are made with earthenware pots (which had sponge filled in them; I checked). The remaining part of Thai culture can be seen in this place as they have an auditorium which shows you a performance. Almost same like the Alcazar show only difference I think is that there are no lady boys. But I can never be 100% sure.( I've never had a problem telling apart a girl from a boy). Next was the Elephant show whi

Thai Travels Day 2 - Coral Island & Pattaya Park Tower

Day 2 started really early because we had to leave for Coral Island. The only way to reach this place was by speed boat. The weather was beautiful when we started out. Unlike the Indian waters that I have seen so far, this one was a lovely shade of blue. Thailand is a country with 77 provinces (something like Indian states, like our tour guide said) Pattaya being one of them. Along with foreign tourists there are a lot of local people who flock to this place for their holidays, so it's always crowded. When you reach the edge of the land, there are piers which lead you to the speedboats. Here you meet with another local guide who will take care of you till you come back. Here safety is given priority as water sports can be quite dangerous (afterall the very last thing they want is for you to be marooned on an island) Everyone advises you to put on caps or towels and lather on sunscreen lotion (you anyways tan btw). At this place, the majority of tourists are Indians so al

Thai Travels Day 1 - Pattaya - Alcazar Show

My First International Holiday. Travelling in foreign countries where there is a big language problem is kind of risky especially if it's your first time abroad. To avoid any sort of trouble, we booked our travel tickets via Kesari (which is quite expensive by the way, but gives the best service ; so we don't regret that decision).  Our package was a 3 nights in Pattaya and 2 nights in Bangkok one and we were to travel along with 30 other people in the group. Suvarna Bhoomi International Airport Before we left, Kesari gave us a travel itinerary (which made packing tremendously easy *wink* *wink* ). Along with that we received a helluva lot of stuff. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 8:20 am from the international airport. Thailand has two airports; one being Don Mueang and the other one being Suvarnabhoomi Airport ( the one which we came and went by). When we arrived it was the onset of the monsoon season so the weather was cooler as compared to Bombay which was a hu