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The Clash of Movies

For the past 2-3 years I've seen this trend where there won't be any good movies for quite some time and then suddenly have blockbuster after blockbusters.....all during your exams ! Some of the best movies happen to get released when you've blown up your allowances and you feel guilty to spend more, or when exams are 7 days away, or worst case when your sick and all you want to do is curl up in your bed and sleep. If you thought this was bad enough, let me tell you you're wrong. We're living in the era of social media, so every movie ticket sold get itself a place on Snapchat and Instagram (not to mention the everyone makes sure its trending). Talk about jealousy.

The Secret Red File

Pretend to have work even though you don't have any !

What the Wuck Facts

Here's presenting some insanely insane What the Wuck Facts: Fact #1. India is the world's largest democracy, with 1.2 billion people . (Know how many 0's that is ?) Fact #2. 100 million people visit the Kumbh Mela (which happens every 12 years). The world's biggest gathering of humans.  (Again: How many 0's ?) Fact #3. A man claims he hasn't eaten or drunk anything for 70 years. Doctors still don't know how that's possible.     (My theory  : He hasn't  lived in the age of junk food.) Fact #4. Breathing the air for one day in Mumbai is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes. ( Woaah ....I'm at a loss for words) Fact #5. We have the world's biggest family ! 1 man, 39 wives. 94 children. (I doubt that man has a TV. His family hasn't been touched by the evil daily soaps)

One Question

Question: Is it possible to stay 18 all your life ? And still be able to live till whatever age you want to? Because... . . . .

35 Blank Days

35 blank days. 35 days of not posting anything. Even my instagram seems to have more updates than my blog. Which is a shame, considering that I love to write (as well as receive compliments *wink wink*). 2016 saw me give my 12th board exams (which weren't the best papers I'd written), start my BMS course, get a new car, become a FACC and Core Committee member, complete one semester and turn 18 as well.