Thai Travels Day 2 - Coral Island & Pattaya Park Tower

Day 2 started really early because we had to leave for Coral Island. The only way to reach this place was by speed boat. The weather was beautiful when we started out. Unlike the Indian waters that I have seen so far, this one was a lovely shade of blue. Thailand is a country with 77 provinces (something like Indian states, like our tour guide said) Pattaya being one of them. Along with foreign tourists there are a lot of local people who flock to this place for their holidays, so it's always crowded.

When you reach the edge of the land, there are piers which lead you to the speedboats. Here you meet with another local guide who will take care of you till you come back. Here safety is given priority as water sports can be quite dangerous (afterall the very last thing they want is for you to be marooned on an island) Everyone advises you to put on caps or towels and lather on sunscreen lotion (you anyways tan btw). At this place, the majority of tourists are Indians so all the locals know a little bit of Hindi which is a blessing. Words like chalo chalo, chappal nikalo, paisa do, bhaago bhaago are quite commonly used ( this actually makes you fall more in love with them. Another plus  point *smile* *smile* )

At the pier there is a speed boat which takes you to your first activity point - PARASAILING. The speed boat ride is too good except for the docking and undocking which makes you feel terribly sick. Looking anywhere doesn't really help much. I'd say Try to be the last person to enter the boat and the first person to leave it. 
There are 3 different platforms for parasailing & each platform can have upto 4 people up in the air. The system is very organised. So everyone moves quickly. When my turn was coming they stopped it for sometime because they couldn't land the person in front of me because the wind became too strong. When I was finally up in the air, the view was breathtaking. It felt so relaxing. My father actually got 3-4 rounds as they couldn't land him as well (how much I wished I was in his place *sigh* ) The people handling the parachutes were quite cool. They were like " You run, or accident. You no run, then I push you in water. Bhaago bhaago" *lol*. 

From there the same speed boat took us to another boat which I hated. That made me feel sick. All those people who wanted to go for the Underwater Sea Walk were taken from there to feed the corals.
The next stop which was my favourite was the Coral Island. The beach was awesome. There were many water sports like Jet Ski, Banana Boat. Here there were tents for us to sit. We got to see a lot of local cuisine but somehow couldn't muster up the courage to eat any of it. There was a small glass bottomed boat through which you could see the underwater corals. These formations were fantastic. By 2pm we left for Pattaya again as that is the safety deadline. 

In the evening we went to Pattaya Park Tower, Pattaya's tallest building with 56 floors. There is one way of going up (the lift) and 3 ways of coming down.

1. Cable ride - for the bravehearts (only one person)
2. Open Basket - two people ( open basket)
3. Speed shuttle - 6 seater ( closed shuttle )

In the evening we had free time for shopping. This was good as we had the central festival mall just in front of us.

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