Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes have always been and will always be considered as an addiction. This list just became longer. In the age of internet and photographs (primarily selfies) FAME has secured its place in the Top 5 Addiction List. Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat ; all these social networking sites require you to go public ( which is OK because nowadays people find out - legally or illegally). Today, every Tom, Dick and Harry has a Youtube channel to their name. But only they truly know how much they actually earn out of it. Now I am not referring to the stars with 1 million plus followers. They are on a totally different page.

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Now when I post a selfie, there are only three attempts behind it. Never more than that. You can call me impatient but I am not like Kim Kardashian whose advice for the perfect selfie includes taking 300 pictures of yourself before you select the right one (mind you, using the same angle and same lighting without a change of clothing - what a waste of time). 

But there people who are willing to click that many pictures just to break their own record of the number of likes, comments and followers they get. Personally, I feel they live a kind of dual life. You can always have that "I don't give a damn" attitude towards negative comments or the lack of positive ones and then cry all you want later when you're all alone. And to be honest, it's the world who doesn't give a damn. 

I recently read an article where a vlogger said that she had 3,40,000 likes on her account but had never had more than a couple of dollars in her account at a time. #ToughLife I'd say. 

You always envy what you don't have. And then when you get it, you want to shift to your earlier life. So before you start getting addicted to FAME keep one thing in mind : No one can guarantee you a steady income from posts, but Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat will always be minting money.


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