Tips for first timers going for All-Night Star Gazing

So here's what you should make sure of before you go there:

1. Take food to eat (but not in excess) because there are no restaurants in the village and you're bound to feel hungry during the night.

2. Take a lot of blankets and warm clothing. And I mean a lot. Why? Because this is no where near "Mumbai or Dilli ki thandi". You're going to be out, on an open land (which gets really wet by morning thanks to the dew which forms) with fields all around you, under the stars. So it's really cold. I've only been there in February, so I can't say anything about the weather conditions of the other months.

3. Make sure you carry a plastic to put on the ground(even sleeping bags are useless) and don't get your feet wet (because you may need to cross through water by walking on stepping stones. Cold feet feel horrible). Windcheaters are the next best option.

4. Make sure you carry gloves, socks, scarves and caps to cover your extremities. You don't want to have a nose bleed or get frost bite there.

5. Carry water (not warm, because it just makes you feel more thirsty). Don't carry too much water because you won't feel very thirsty.

6. Carry a pillow if possible because the ground is very uneven.

7. Don't forget your specs! Otherwise you won't be able to tell one star from another.

8. TORCH is a must. You're practically blind without that. Because lights are off by 8:30pm in the rural areas. There's literally no one on the roads after that. You feel your committing a crime by being out so late.

9. Don't forget to take permission from the people residing over there. It's not No Man's Land afterall!

10. NO PHONES. Take this as a detox. (Also, just because you are awake so late doesn't mean you message someone in the middle of the night every time you see a planet or constellation!).

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