Trump Force One and Trump Tower

In my earlier post, I wrote about Trump Force One & Trump Tower.

Below is a guided tour of President-elect Donald Trump's Private Airplane (and not a Jet). 

Trump Force One

Now for his home.....or mansion/ palace/ wonderland/__________ fill in whatever you can think of after seeing the pictures.

Just a small disclaimer before you start : Everything that you see is 100% real. No photoshops at all. 
The tables are real marble, the bathroom sinks and taps are actually gold plated, etc etc etc. The list is endless. But you get the picture, right ?

 And yeah, just for the record, everything is super-expensive.

As they say, "Only because you haven't seen it, doesn't mean its not true."

Image result for trump home
I am not even trying to name the rooms.....they are way too many of them !

Related image

This is also someplace in his house ! *hehehe*

Related image

And this also.....

Image result for trump home

And just in case your thinking....No. Its not on the same floor. Because its Trump Tower !!

So I guess this is more than enough.

Just a thought - Will Mukesh Ambani or Ratan Tata be a Donald Trump equivalent for India if they decide to stand for President ?

PS- I am solely referring to the wealth and businesses. Definitely not the looks, lookout to things or anything else that uniquely defines Mr. President Elect. (because there's absolutely no comparison ! *hehehe*)


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