All for one One for all: NDA cadet carries junior for 2.5km during cross country run

A top army general flew from Ambala to Pune earlier this week to acknowledge the spirit of a cadet who carried his unconscious buddy on his back for 2.5 km to complete a cross-country run at the National Defence Academy (NDA) in Khadakwasla.
Lieutenant General Alok Kler, a strike corps commander, also presented his Ray Ban aviator sunglasses to the cadet. The 13.8-km cross-country run is an important part of the curriculum at the academy and the performance of cadets in the activity contributes significantly to the overall standing of their squadrons.

The sixth term cadet, Chirag Arora, spotted a junior who had collapsed due to exhaustion and was in no position to complete the run on February 10.
“Without caring about his own timing, Chirag lifted the junior cadet and carried him on his back to complete the run. It may seem like a small gesture but reflects a soldierly quality,” 


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