Mahableshwar- Panchgani

11 people.
 And all under one roof. 
In one huge bungalow. 

Many people have visited Mahableshwar and Panchgani, mainly for its strawberries and view we decided to do something different.
The Travel Junkies

Thats how we came , 7 of us packed into one can imagine the fun !

The drive is beautiful especially when you are nearing Mahableshwar. Lots of ganne ka juice people available.!

Now, the "something different" we did was instead of staying at a hotel like most travellers normally do, we decided to rent out a homestay, where you are put up in a house complete with a kitchen, living room, dining room, sometimes terrace and swimming pool and a breathtaking view of the scenery.
                                                          This was one long hall.....

.....followed by another hall double this size.....

.....followed by a wonderful porch complete with a swing and barbeque 

                                               .......and that is the view

This was a homestay.

Now, during our 3 night 4 days trip all we had to do was buy the vegetables and a cook would make the food for us.This bungalow was really big because even the landlady couldnt tell us exactly where it was located which led us to wonder if two rooms were in Mahableshwar and the other two in Panchgani !

 It was a 4 bedroom bungalow with 3 rooms down and one massive bedroom with two queen size beds upstairs. That really came in handy when we 5 kids wanted to spend some "crazy" time together. One room had a balcony overlooking the other side of the valley.
Sunrise ...!

On the first proper day we got , we decided to go to Mala's. This was quite close to our homestay. Here we saw through a viewing gallery how the fruit syrup bottles were covered. They even little tasters. 

We ended up buying nothing but did have some Mala's special gola.

Our next stop for the day was Mapro Garden, something quite famous.

The surprising thing was that more than the Garden, it was the story about how strawberries ere grown excited me.

The next day we went to Vienna Lake for boating. Unlike Bombay, here you go boating for minimum 1 hour. So try going when its a bit cooler.

                                             Barbeque night ! 3 cheers to staying in a Homestay !!

Thought to make the most of my last day, woke up early in the morning and went for a stroll.We found this huge drop into the valley near our place along with a small strawberry farm.
(I dare'nt go further than that)

..Talk about knowing your backyard !

We went to Tapola River for boating. Only difference was that the 30 km distance did'nt seem to end and it was the same as Vienna Lake, only here the boating time was 2 hours.

P.S- Do not get carried away when they tell you that one can see the "Sangam" or caves. Believe me, Kanheri is far better than those ones.

Only highlight was that towards the end it stated pouring and the boat started bouncing as if it were about the capsize. I guess we started having fun there.

So basically, to get the real feel of the place try to stay in a HOMESTAY !!



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