Sula Vineyards, Nashik

Sula Vineyards is a winery located in Nashik but at a considerable distance from Nashik city. It is a lovely drive with beautiful scenery through the rural areas. It is a 1800 acre estate.

My family and I left from Bombay by car and stayed at Igatpuri(Mystic Valley Spa and Resort-lovely place to rejuvenate ) which is some 50km from Nashik. One will have to take the Nashik bypass which one HUGE long road...So keep your eyes open if you dont want to miss your turn !

Sula Vineyards is one huge estate. It houses the winery, the tasting room, the cellars, the manufacturing units, restaurants, amphitheatres and their resort, Beyond.

  For a fee of Rs.350 per head we got the Winery Tour and the Tasting room where we were told about the history of Sula, the kind of grapes grown, the types of wines exported etc.

First we were shown the tanks where the wine was normally kept, second we were taken to the barrel room which was ENORMOUS.

 Next came the wine tasting in the Tasting Room. Here we were taught how to differentiate between the 6 wines offered to us.

This tour took us about 45 minutes. A souvenir and wine shop is there if you like to take home some memories of your trip to Sula Vineyards !



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