CA? Doctor? Engineer? NO?......Then let it be. Not interested

That's the standard reaction a lot of teenagers might be getting if they are pursuing a course other than medical or engineering. Adults just don't seem interested in talking further if they can't understand what course you're doing. It's treated as if the child is not good enough, not as if it's ignorance on the elder's part. Many a times they don't even remember your stream the next time they meet you (until and unless you're doing medical or engineering; that's a different story altogether).

One practically has to move around telling people that this is the full form of my degree, it is a 3 year course, it is based on this, I am working and along side this I am also doing one million other things in college. So my life is just as busy and hectic as medical and engineering students. If at all you have to compare, don't forget to take all these things into account as well.
Somehow, whatever and how much ever you do, it doesn't add up to the amount of work and pressure which Science stream students undergo. This feeling and way of thinking originated during school days itself when the Science students (including me back then) used to look down upon the Commerce students. Now that I'm doing BMS (Business Management), everything feels the same. Everyone works just as hard.

 Why? The reason being that most of the BMS/BAF/BCom/BMM etc students are doing to this course because they want to, and not because they are forced to; unlike the medical/engineering kids (only a few % of these are actually passionate about their field. The rest is all an output of parental pressure).

Keeping aside all this, I feel it's high time parents let their kids choose something where their interest lies and not use them to fulfill their own dreams. Just earning money is not enough right? One needs to be happy as well. Most of the kids end up frustrated or zapped by the time they start their course, forget finishing it. What kind of a life is this? Slog before you work, slog after you work.

So I hope education and competitiveness tones down a bit and parents let their kids decide what is best for themselves.


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