Alpha Ideas SME Stars Meet 2019 @NSE

The idea was very simple. 11 SMEs from various industries. 20 minutes to explain their business, growth, financials and expansion plans. No Q&A session. 

Audience: Interested investors & Me

Location: National Stock Exchange, BKC

Off late, I've started venturing into a lot of new things. One of them includes visiting places/sessions/seminars/events to see what new is out there (even if that means I have to go alone). About a week ago, my father noticed an SME (small to medium enterprises) stars meet event opening on the Alpha Ideas blog page. Now I work Monday to Friday, so sacrificing my Saturday morning sleep, I must admit, wasn't something I was looking forward to.


The entire session was worth it. To give you a brief outline of what the event flow was like:

  • 8:55 am - 9:00 am - Opening Remarks
  • 9:00 am - 10:40 am - Company Presentations
  • 10:40 am - 11:10 am - Tea/Coffee Break & Networking
  • 11:10 am - 1:00 pm - Company Presentations
  • 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm - Lunch & Networking

Now I've sat through and given a lot of presentations (a BMS course demand). For those of you who have not attended more than three presentations at a stretch, let me tell you that you start to lose your patience by the first half of the second one. But this wasn't the case here. Since every company came from a different industry and each being different in its own right, the whole session became extremely interesting to attend.

Below mentioned are the companies who presented along with links to their official websites.

1) JASH ENGINEERING LTD (one of the few companies to own foreign subsidiaries)

Jash Engineering Limited is a company manufacturing a wide range of equipment for Water Intake Systems, Water and Waste Water Pumping Stations and Treatment Plants, Storm Water Pumping Stations, Water Transmission Lines, Power, Steel, Cement, Paper & Pulp, Petrochemicals, Chemical, Fertilizers and other process plants.

To read more about Jash -

2) RAJSHREE POLYPACK LTD ( one of the few SME cos to have a pedigreed client list in the FMCG space)

Rajshree Polypack is a solution provider for rigid packaging solutions (Thermoforming/ Injection moulding/ Plastic Rigid Sheet). Whenever you see KinderJoy, Gowardhan Dahi or  Nestle ActivPlus Proactive Dahi tetrapacks, you know you've used one of their products.

To read more about Rajshree -

3) SUPREME  ENGINEERING LTD (makes special and exotic steels used in the Defense Sector)

Supreme is engaged in the business of manufacturing special alloys and special wire products. They have two manufacturing units.  Unit 1 being the Special Steels division, engaged with the manufacturing of special alloys such as super alloys, precipitation hardening steels, martensitic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, ultra high strength steel and high speed steels which have their end use in sectors such as aerospace, space, defence, nuclear power, thermal power, oil & gas, and heavy engineering. Unit II being the Wire division engaged with the manufacturing of wires, bright bars, fine wires and profiles. These products find their end use in sectors such as automotive, oil & gas, industrial machinery and hand tools industries.

Their customers are ISRO, BARC and the Ministry of Defense.

To read more about Supreme -

4) Vertoz Advertising (one of the fastest growing companies in the digital advertising space)

Vertoz is a leading programmatic advertising company. They help advertisers efficiently reach the prospects, digitally. Vertoz’s ‘Ingenious Plex’ offers AI-fueled programmatic advertising tools, data points & analytics to plan campaigns, reach prospects & optimize ad spends on digital platforms. Their products are Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising and Native Advertising. Their services include Ad Inventory Representation, Inhouse Programmatic and Managed Services.To read more about Vertoz -

5) RITCO LOGISTICS LTD (a leader in the petrochemicals logistics space)

Ritco Logistics is a diversified business conglomerate with wide business interest in the field of logistic & supply chain management. The group once formed with an aim of providing essential transportation service has now transformed in to complete 3PL service provider with the following in-house vertical: -

  • Contract Logistics – Bulk/ FTL/ LTL/Part Load.
  • Liquid Logistics.
  • Multi Model Movement(Road-Rail- Road)
  • LTL Services
  • Warehouse and Distribution
To manage and dominate on the above verticals Ritco is not only geared with an owned & attached feet of over 1200 vehicles with Track and trace technology but also has its own warehouses. Covering 1.50 lacks sq. ft area at all major locations across the nation. Ritco has a strong infrastructure with a network of 8 Fleet centers to reach at 300+ destination systematic and centrally controlled office. 

Ritco is now cashless. They have partnered with ICICI Bank and have given cards to their truck drivers for all payments to be made. They have tie ups with Ashok Leyland and JK Tyre to handle the maintenance of their trucks as part of a long term contract.

To read more about Ritco -

6) KPI GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE LTD (independent power producer in the solar space)

KPI Global builds, owns, operates and maintains grid connected solar power projects as IPP (Independent Power Producer) and generate revenue by entering into Power Purchase Agreements (“PPA”) with third parties for selling power units generated through their solar projects. They develop, transfer, operate and maintain grid connected solar power projects for CPP (Captive Power Producer) customers and generate revenue by selling these projects to CPP customers for their captive use requirements.

To read more about KPI Global -

7) PARIN FURNITURE LTD (one of the few listed companies in the Furniture space)

Parin is the fastest growing professionally managed furniture company based at Rajkot with it's presence at Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Surat, Mumbai, Kolkata, Junagadh, Mehsana, Kodinar and Bhubaneshwar. They are planning to set up 100 Brands stores across the country by FY 2025. "To serve the world with a better lifestyle" is matched with the company's core purpose. The innovative approach and various Business verticals allows the company to maintain a space and remain competitive in today's ever changing marketplace.

To read more about Parin  -

8) SITERCOM INDIA LTD (pedigreed client list in the auto space)

Sintercom India Ltd. is one of the leading automotive sintered components manufacturer located in Pune, India. They specialise in manufacturing medium to high density sintered components for automotive engine, powertrain, exhaust systems as well as sensor components for their esteemed global customers. Their product portfolio includes drivetrain gears, engine sprockets, pulleys, crankshaft bearing journals, transmission gears, synchro hubs, as well as ABS rings, sensor hego bosses and flanges.

To read more about Sintercom India Ltd -

9) GOBLIN INDIA LTD (3rd listed company in the luggage space)

Over the years Goblin has become one of the top most brands in India by providing strong and durable luggage along with corporate promotion solutions. With its headquarters based in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, it has gained a significant foothold in the local markets as well as across the nation. They have over 525 dealers across India and over 300 dealers in France. With the help of constant efforts, Goblin aims to expand and innovate its range of products making traveling easy and stylish for all its customers.

Some of their innovative services include:
  • A bag that follows you around for 12 kms (on full charge) when you press a button.
  • A bag with an inbuilt weighing scale.
  • A bag/purse/wallet with a chip which senses your absence and beeps when you move more than 3 metres away from it.

 To read  more about Goblin -

10) PRIME CUSTOMER SERVICES LTD (rare listed company in the agri supply business)

The Company is engaged in the business of providing services, including warehousing solutions, cold storage and ripening solutions, manpower solutions and packaging solutions. Its end-to-end warehouse solutions and services include maintaining records, unloading, storage and loading. Its packing solutions include sorting, grading, bar coding and packing into specific quantity as per the directions of the principal/customer.  It operates cold storage and ripening chambers for fruits, vegetables, flowers and frozen food items. Its unit has warehouse, cold storage-cum-ripening rooms, deep freeze rooms, processing and packing hall and dispatch facility.

11) SOFTTECH ENGINEERS LTD (develops software products used for digital India)

Softtech empowers business transformation through software products and solutions that are built on deep domain expertise. Over the years, they have leveraged their leading construction management software industry in India and practices in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) domains to create value for businesses. Softtech solutions are designed to augment and enhance the sustainable competitive edge of businesses through robust frameworks that positively impact all the business critical factors. 

To read more about Softtech -


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