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The Story of Karuna, Karma and Corona - The Block Chain Reaction

This one isn't an original. But worth a read:

Day 1 - Karuna got infected with Corona yesterday, but she won't know until 14 days later.

Day 2 - Karuna feels perfectly fine, thinks she's healthy and goes on to meet 10 other people, thereby  infecting all of them.
Day 3 - These 10 persons think they are okay. They travel, go out and infect 100 other people.
Day 4 - These 100 people think they are healthy and keep infecting 1000 more people.
By the end of Day 4, no one knows who is infecting whom. 
And that my friend, is Karma for you.

PS - If you thought this post was about "what goes around, comes around", then you're wrong. This is India. Poor guy Karma gets blamed for everything in this country.

Hence ended the story of Karuna, Karma and Corona....on a not so happy note.

Moral of the Story - Sometimes it's best to do nothing and Stay at Home.

My 5 PM Date with a Thaali

4 days ago when PM Modi requested the nation in his 30 minute long #JantaCurfew speech to bang their utensils and applaud the people on the frontline on Sunday, 22nd March 2020, I must admit that I wasn't expecting much of a turnout. But lo and behold!

 Modi isn't our Prime Minister for nothing. The man actually got everyone up, awake and banging their thaalis, not at 5 PM, but as early as 4:45 PM (atleast around my place) . All he asked was for 5 minutes. But we gave, whoever deserved our gratitude, a full 30 minutes of ear-deafening and enthusiastic thaali-banging appreciation (in hindsight, it would've been so cool if the whole thing turned into an impromptu "We will rock you" mass concert).

The whole vibe, for that period, was amazing. Amid all the stress of everyone contracting the Corona Virus, I actually felt for sometime, that there was a chance, that India would survive the outbreak much better than any of the other countries would. That feeling of hope…