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A tribute to Mahatma Gandhiji on his 71st Death Anniversary

All throughout the year, our college keeps conducting events organized by different clubs and committees. Along with this, we also have DAY OBSERVATIONS where students get together and put up charts/skits/documentaries to spread awareness about something.  On the inside, it seems quite boring to do because it takes around a week to organize but the show gets over in less than 15 minutes. But on some days, it's totally worth it. Like today.  The Student Council members, NSS volunteers and NCC cadets of my college observed Gandhiji's death anniversary as Martyr's Day today. They put up a beautiful Shraddhanjali set up and performed a skit followed by a candlelight march in the corridor. It was beautiful.  I also want to share Bapu's background story with all of you. Since it's probably been quite a long time since anyone has spoken or written about him (I'm guessing your last time would've been during your 10th boards History/Civics paper). Someo

Republic Day - Women Empowerment

On 26th January, 1950, the Constitution of India came into effect. 70 years on, as we celebrate our 70th Republic Day, students across all schools and colleges performed shows and stunts in honour of the country. Similarly, the NSS (National Service Scheme) and NCC (National Cadet Corps) students of my college put up two spectacular shows yesterday. NSS VOLUNTEERS HOLDING THE INDIAN NATIONAL FLAG While NCC focused on all things military, the NSS volunteers took us through the "Timeline of the Indian National Flag". The highlight of the event was how they made girls take center stage for their Motorcade Formation. In today's age where people are fighting for Women Empowerment, this was an epic moment. And let me tell you, the core idea of making the girls ride Royal Enfields and drive Dusters came from the BOYS. GIRL POWER LEADS TO WOMEN EMPOWERMENT The NCC cadets were nothing less, with Rifle parades, formations, war depiction scenes and jumping out

The Josh is always HIGH !!!

Everyone's inspired this Republic Day by Uri! The Josh is always HIGH for these boys!

Republic Day Parade - The full show

Rifle squad, formations, war depiction scene and stunts and motorcade. This college's NCC unit had it all. In perfect sync and coordination, watch how these cadets pull of dangerous stunts as they show us how and what BRAVERY & HEROISM actually means.

Republic Day Parade - The Motorcade

Only Rifle Parade and Band ? Apparently that wasn't enough for these boys. Trusting their comrades to take care of them, these cadets sure have each other's backs.

Royal College NCC Unit - 26th Jan - Trust level 100

We wouldn't trust friends with this. But we would definitely TRUST OUR BROTHERS. Walking through the rifles.

Insane energy at Tata Mumbai Marathon

To read about the experience, visit @TMM

Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019

If you want to run, run a mile.  If you want to experience a different life, run a Marathon.  19 RUNNERS & 200+ VOLUNTEERS Tata Mumbai Marathon was an experience to say the very least. With over 200+ student volunteers and 19 runners from college, we set off at 4:30am from home. TMM had 6 category marathons:   Marathon 46kms Half Marathon 21kms Open 10kms  Dream Run 5.9kms  Senior Citizens Run 4.2kms   Champions with Disability 1.5kms  Since we were participating in the Dream Run of 5.9kms , our starting point was closest from CST  Station. That required us to switch trains at Dadar. You'd expect the station to be empty so early in the morning. But this was Mumbai - the city that never sleeps . Crowded with people (mostly marathon runners), this place bustling with activity.

Sambar Spotting at Nagzira Tiger Reserve

Welcome to the Nagzira Forest - The entry

Nagzira 2018 - Leopard Sighting

The weird noises that you can hear in the background are the warning calls given by the other animals around. Other than that, there was pin drop silence in the jungle. Oh! And not to forget the sounds of our thumping hearts!

Close Encounters - Spotting a LEOPARD 12ft away @Nagpur

Presentations, college activities and research work had become my life. Spending 4-5 hours on the laptop and another 3 on the phone had become an everyday thing. Not that I was complaining, but when my college's Nature Club teacher in-charge Prof. Radhika D'Souza asked me if I would like to come on a 4 night, 5 days trip to the Nagzira Tiger Reserve in Nagpur, I immediately said yes. The trip was scheduled from the 28th of December to the 1st of January 2019. This meant that I would be missing my birthday as well as New year in one shot. But trust me, I didn't regret my decision one bit. Our train was from CST at 3pm. There were around 40 other people on the trip (whom, by the way I didn't know at all; except for a few. But I later on realized that it didn't matter who you knew or didn't know at the beginning of the trip. By the end of it, there wasn't a single person whom you couldn't smile at). This was to be my first long distance train

Times Lit Fest 2018 - Mehboob Studios, Bandra

16th December 2018. What was supposed to be a lazy Sunday morning turned out to be the best and most fulfilling Sunday I had had in weeks. Up until the night before, my plans included going for a Birding Session with my college's Nature Club to Aarey Colony, Goregaon at 5:30 in the morning. For reasons best left unsaid, I decided to sleep in. But what are fathers for then? My dad told me that just because I had woken up late, it didn't mean that I wouldn't be doing anything the whole day. Out came the Times of India where he found out that 16th December was the last day of Times Lit Fest. Within the next 2 hours, I was on a train to Bandra with the Fest Schedule in my hand, circling out the events I wanted to attend. The theme was WATER. So everything was in shades of blue. Which made me feel as if I had just walked onto the sets of Aquaman. Minus Jason Momoa and Amber Heard.  Mehboob Studio's halls were named after all the Sponsors for their event. So as you

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