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Law Conversations with an Auto Driver

Like any other evening on my way home from work, I went to stand in the share auto line for rickshaws, when one guy popped his head out of his auto to ask if I wanted to get in (note: there were already 3 men sitting inside). I nodded in agreement and in less than 30 seconds one of the men was asked to sit in front. Three minutes into the ride, the driver and one of the uncles sitting beside me got into a small (but very respectful) disagreement. The conversation went as follows: Passenger Uncle #1 - Why do you need 4 people to start your journey. This is a 3 seater vehicle. Rickshaw wale Bhaiyya  - Saab, no one after 7 PM will start their gaadi without 4 people. Passenger Uncle #1 - This is wrong. Kanoon aisa nhi hai (It's not the law). Increase the per seating rates if you want. One day a policeman will catch you and you people will go on strike, leaving us stranded. Rickshaw wale Bhaiyya  - Siri, yaha 7 baje ke baad Police ka kanoon chalta hai. No one will touch us.