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5 Reasons Why Dating A Girl Who Loves To Read Is A Good Idea.....For Better Or For Verse

Imagine being a girl who loves reading books (literally places them on the #1 position in her life) and waking up to this! Forget the dating part, but finding girls who read books (not study books; that everyone has to read- whether you like it or not) is a great catch in itself. 


Here are some excerpts from the article which I liked best:

"......a girl who reads can be the most hopeful human you'd ever interact with. She plays with her imagination well and doesn't (usually) squander her thoughts away on reckless things in life."

Facebook's startling new ambition is to shrink

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Over the next year, we’ll start spending less time on Facebook. Those of us who used it to catch up on the news will find less of it to read. We’ll watch fewer videos, and we’ll see fewer advertisements. 

Facebook announced a plan to emphasize more “meaningful” interactions on the platform. Facebook’s researchers have found that when people are actively commenting on posts, they tend to feel better about using social networks — and feel better about themselves in general.

Today's students be like....

How a Modi Bhakt's Brain Works

Bigg Boss 11 Finale : It's HinaK vs ShilpaS vs VikasG vs PuneeshS

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 With just one day left for Bigg Boss 11 finale, celebrities are rooting for their favourite contestant(s). Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma are the final four contenders vying for the winner's trophy. Their tasks and performance during their three-month stay have created a massive fan following. Celebrity followers of the reality show have also time and again given their opinion on the developments in the game. 

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PS: I DON'T follow or watch Bigg Boss (never had/never will). It's just that I couldn't find anything to write about that I chose this article.

India will be the world's fastest growing major economy in the next 3 years.

GDP growth in India, Asia’s third-largest economy, is set to bounce back to rates exceeding 7% for the next three years, according to the World Bank.It will be a few notches better than China, and miles ahead of other major economies.

Take a look at Greece's "ROCKSTAR" Finance Minister

Who would say this guy is (or was, he just retired) a Finance Minister ? One more....

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