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About Me

Hello Readers!

Welcome to, a place where you'll find posts and articles on a variety of topics ranging from stock market trading to travelling, politics to trending topics and much more! (I'm quite diverse: culturally, genetically and literally ✨).

Here's a little something about me before you get to reading my posts:
  • I am a Business Management Graduate (gr. 2019, Finance major), currently working as the HR of a rapidly growing Ad Tech company.
  • As far as reading is concerned, I've been doing this since the age of 6. Some of my favourite authors include Jeffrey Archer, Dan Brown, Amish Tripathi, Mario Puzo and Agatha Christie.
  • I enjoy travelling (only if I'm driving - that's a different kind of therapy altogether!) and am ready to go anywhere as long as there is good company and I get to drive.
  • I'm an extrovert by nature (being shy of people has never really been my thing) and over time I have developed great interpersonal skills.
If you have any queries or don't agree with something I've written, please feel free to comment in the disqus comment section. I'm always open to feedbacks and making improvements!

Happy Reading!

If you have a bone to pick or want to say something to make my day, reach out to me via Email, LinkedIn  or follow me on Instagram !


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Everyone looks forward to weekends for the simple reason that they get to relax, unwind and recharge themselves for another hectic workweek. But not the Maharashtra Govt. Atleast not this weekend. In between Friday night and Saturday early morning, our State Govt proved to us that if they put their minds to getting something done, they will; even if it involves staying up post their working hours. Hail Politics and Self - Interest! I guess it's pretty apparent by now what this writeup is going to be about. But no. I won't bore you with that anymore. Instead, I'll include a few links to help you catch up:

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Two years ago my teacher sent the entire class on an assignment as part of our Principles of Marketing subject in which we had to visit different retail outlets and check which company manufactured them. I remember going to one such place with 3 other class mates, with Note Pad open in our phones and discreetly clicking pictures of all HUL products. It sort of felt weird at first because we had never done the picture clicking part before, but slowly got used to it as soon as we realized that the line of HUL products was just never ending. We submitted the assignment the next day and that was the end of the story. But just yesterday, I opened the HUL website again as part of my semester  VI Logistics subject assignment (yes I do get homework even in TY!). I was surprised by the products that I saw.