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Are you a Librocubicularist ? I am!

I am a Librocubicularist. From  Latin   liber   ( “ book ” )  +  Latin   cubiculum   ( “ bedroom ” ) , from  cubō   ( “ lie down ” ) I love to read and go to sleep.

Why I gave up Sidharth Malhotra for Shubh Mangal Savdhan

    From the time Student of the Year released I decided that come what may, I would always ensure that I watched all of Sidharth Malhotra movies. He had almost come to par with Shah Rukh Khan for me (I became his fan from my first time in the theatre - Main Hoon Na). But in the last 2-3 years I've started going for movies based on the story content and not on it's actor. Indian cinema has started to change for the better; or let's say evolve. Scriptwriters are coming up with content which is more relatable. They have started mentioning issues which happens in our society on a daily basis. In India, whatever you do is invariably not for yourself but for the society. Think of doing something different, and the family will say "samaaj kya sochegi? " or "log kya kahenge" (what will the society think or what will people say?). It's impossible to be happy like this. Even changing your Whatsapp status to My Life, My Rules doesn't work. Hopefully

What happens in 60 seconds on the Internet


Unplugged - With Malhar Tribes

Introducing Live for the first time at MALHAR TRIBE RESTOBAR ANDHERI. For an evening of your favourite tunes from the past and possibly the present. So make your way this coming Saturday, 9th of September to: Malhar Tribe Restobar, Marol Marushi Road, Opposite Jalaram Traders, Andheri East Featuring Erwin Abreo and Simone Tauro

K-Pop Celebs, Bands and Korean Words

BTS - BANGTAN BOYS ( K-POP IDOLS) A very prominent part of the South Korean culture is it's entertainment sector which is slowly becoming a hit worldwide. BTS - Bangtan Boys are my favourite K-Pop band ( 7 boys) so far. They sing but are also excellent dancers. The songs that I like best are : 1.  DOPE 2.  NO MORE DREAM 3.  BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS 4.  BOY IN LUV The list of actors is endless with Ji Chang Wook, Park Hyung Sik, Lee Min Ho, Do Ji Han, Sung Hoon and Taehyung (V) being my favourites.  PARK BO YOUNG & PARK HYUNG SIK JUN JI JYUN & LEE MIN HO  Here are some words that I have picked up so far:  Father - Aabuji Mother - Omoni Brother - Oppa / Hyung Sister - Noona Aunt - Khomo Mr. - Aajusshi Ms. - Aagaashi Ours - Uri Good Morning - Aanyo Ashmika Good Night - Aanyogi Jumuseyo Why - Wae What - Mwo Fine - Khinchana Beautiful - Yeppo No - Aanyo What do I do ? - Otuke I - Dega Alright / I got it - Khrae / Aarasso

The reason I started learning KOREAN

I chanced upon a video on a Korean drama with English subtitles about a month ago on YouTube. Everything thing about them was very different from the way Indians go about their daily affairs. That is, if we are to believe that the natives of South Korea live exactly the way they show themselves in their dramas. I was always told that the television is an idiot box which is true 90% of the times since we tend to watch nonsensical stuff. No wonder our family scrapped the TV back when I was in 3rd grade. So it's been years, considering that I am down doing second year University. But nevertheless I found a substitute to waste my time. However, this time I have used it to serve a greater purpose. I am learning a new language! Korean is a language which is spoken only in South Korea yet I chose to learn it because their videos with English subtitles were easily available on YouTube. Now I am not talking about tutorial videos. I am that kind of a girl who loves learning new stuf

The end of Indian Daily Soaps in my life

Around a month ago, I suddenly got bored of Indian daily soaps. The same story repeating everywhere; a spoilt brat from a rich family meets a girl who he does not get along well with since she does not belong to his financial status. He marries her because of some business deal or scandal he needs to avoid. The family doesn't approve but slowly starts liking the girl because she is extremely sanskaari and the grandmother's ideal daughter-in-law. Slowly the guy starts falling in love with his wife but just as he about to confess his feelings, either one of them meets with an accident or comes to know of a haunting truth that will break and spoil the family's 100 year old reputation. The only means of avoiding this mess is to get a divorce and leave. Then starts the story all over again of getting back the girl. Not to forget the hundred odd sub plots that keep continually cropping up with someone or the other trying to wreck havoc in the family consisting of not less