Are you a Librocubicularist ? I am!

I am a Librocubicularist.

From Latin liber (book) + Latin cubiculum (bedroom), from cubō (lie down)

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I love to read and go to sleep.

Why I gave up Sidharth Malhotra for Shubh Mangal Savdhan

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From the time Student of the Year released I decided that come what may, I would always ensure that I watched all of Sidharth Malhotra movies. He had almost come to par with Shah Rukh Khan for me (I became his fan from my first time in the theatre - Main Hoon Na). But in the last 2-3 years I've started going for movies based on the story content and not on it's actor. Indian cinema has started to change for the better; or let's say evolve. Scriptwriters are coming up with content which is more relatable. They have started mentioning issues which happens in our society on a daily basis.

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In India, whatever you do is invariably not for yourself but for the society. Think of doing something different, and the family will say "samaaj kya sochegi? " or "log kya kahenge" (what will the society think or what will people say?). It's impossible to be happy like this. Even changing your Whatsapp status to My Life, My Rules doesn't work. Hopefully, with the help of media and every marketing agency promoting their movies in such innovative ways, it will give people the courage to do something different; to do what they want without giving a damn about what society thinks. There are 5 movies which I really liked which deal with the crises of many people but have never been reported.

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Unplugged - With Malhar Tribes

Introducing Live for the first time at MALHAR TRIBE RESTOBAR ANDHERI. For an evening of your favourite tunes from the past and possibly the present. So make your way this coming Saturday, 9th of September to:
Malhar Tribe Restobar,
Marol Marushi Road,
Opposite Jalaram Traders,
Andheri East

Featuring Erwin Abreo and Simone Tauro

K-Pop Celebs, Bands and Korean Words

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A very prominent part of the South Korean culture is it's entertainment sector which is slowly becoming a hit worldwide.

BTS - Bangtan Boys are my favourite K-Pop band ( 7 boys) so far. They sing but are also excellent dancers. The songs that I like best are :

The list of actors is endless with Ji Chang Wook, Park Hyung Sik, Lee Min Ho, Do Ji Han, Sung Hoon and Taehyung (V) being my favourites. 

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 Here are some words that I have picked up so far:
  1.  Father - Aabuji
  2. Mother - Omoni
  3. Brother - Oppa / Hyung
  4. Sister - Noona
  5. Aunt - Khomo
  6. Mr. - Aajusshi
  7. Ms. - Aagaashi
  8. Ours - Uri
  9. Good Morning - Aanyo Ashmika
  10. Good Night - Aanyogi Jumuseyo
  11. Why - Wae
  12. What - Mwo
  13. Fine - Khinchana
  14. Beautiful - Yeppo
  15. No - Aanyo
  16. What do I do ? - Otuke
  17. I - Dega
  18. Alright / I got it - Khrae / Aarasso
  19. Incredible - Daebak
  20. Thank You - Khansamida
  21. Sorry - Chesuaamida
  22. It's ok / It's fine - Khinchana
  23. I love You - Saaranghe
  24. I like You - Chuuaaeo
  25. You're welcome - Chaunman eyo
  26. Really ? - Chhincha
  27. Investigator - Susanim
  28. Food - Shikkhum
  29. What is the time ? - Myoshi innikka
  30. How much money ? - Dhuniaulmanna
  31. How much ? - Aulmanna
  32. Do not - Anaseyo
  33. By the way - Gunde
  34. Om my gosh - Aigoo
  35. My name is Shamika - Ne ilumin Shamika
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Some really good dramas which all Koreans probably swear by are:
1. Decendants of the Sun
2. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
3. Full House
4. Boys Over Flowers
5. K2
6. Suspicious Partner
7. The Heirs
8. My Love from the Other Star
9. Legend of the Blue Sea 
10. Cinderella and the Four Knights
11. Fight For my Way
12. My Secret Romance
13. Doctor Crush
14. High Society
15. W
16. I Can Hear Your Voice


The reason I started learning KOREAN

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I chanced upon a video on a Korean drama with English subtitles about a month ago on YouTube. Everything thing about them was very different from the way Indians go about their daily affairs. That is, if we are to believe that the natives of South Korea live exactly the way they show themselves in their dramas. I was always told that the television is an idiot box which is true 90% of the times since we tend to watch nonsensical stuff. No wonder our family scrapped the TV back when I was in 3rd grade. So it's been years, considering that I am down doing second year University.

But nevertheless I found a substitute to waste my time. However, this time I have used it to serve a greater purpose. I am learning a new language! Korean is a language which is spoken only in South Korea yet I chose to learn it because their videos with English subtitles were easily available on YouTube. Now I am not talking about tutorial videos. I am that kind of a girl who loves learning new stuff only if the content and way of learning is interesting. 

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The idea about learning it came after I had binge watched around 7 K-dramas (they have finite series with a maximum of 50 episodes about 45 minutes each, unlike Indian daily soaps which tend to continue for 5-6 years). So far the language has been quite easy to pick up (unlike Thai which I tried to learn and hopelessly failed a few days later). Google translate has come in handy but personally I wouldn't rely much on that. The reason being that different words are spoken in different situations. So you might end up using the wrong word without intentionally doing so and end up hurting the other person. 

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I got so taken into learning Korean that I even Googled stuff about the country. Although for first hand experience I recommend watching a few K-dramas (both period and current) to understand the culture better. Here is some information I gathered:

1. All the men (including celebrities) have to complete a 2 year mandatory military service period during their lifetime. (The country is almost continuously at war with North Korea)

2. Their surnames are always taken first. For example: Lodge Veronica (Surname- Lodge and Name- Veronica)

3. Kimchi, Soju and Rice is their staple diet. (Much like how you have dal, rice and roti for Maharashtra, Idli-Dosa-Chutney for South Indian states)

4. Their currency is Won. ( 1 Won = 0.0757 INR)  (1000 INR = 17585.03 Won)

5. They are really respectful towards their elders as well as strangers whom they meet. They will always bend down in greeting. (Very much like the Indian way of joining your palms together and saying namaste)

The end of Indian Daily Soaps in my life

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Around a month ago, I suddenly got bored of Indian daily soaps. The same story repeating everywhere; a spoilt brat from a rich family meets a girl who he does not get along well with since she does not belong to his financial status. He marries her because of some business deal or scandal he needs to avoid. The family doesn't approve but slowly starts liking the girl because she is extremely sanskaari and the grandmother's ideal daughter-in-law. Slowly the guy starts falling in love with his wife but just as he about to confess his feelings, either one of them meets with an accident or comes to know of a haunting truth that will break and spoil the family's 100 year old reputation. The only means of avoiding this mess is to get a divorce and leave. Then starts the story all over again of getting back the girl. Not to forget the hundred odd sub plots that keep continually cropping up with someone or the other trying to wreck havoc in the family consisting of not less than 7 people (because dude, we live in India. No joint family = no family drama = no high TRPs). Add to it the number of marriages and re-marriages that happen on the show. Plus in all Indian daily soaps it goes without saying that no matter what time of the day or night it is, you have to be all decked up with tonnes of makeup on. Nowadays, production houses even go to the extent of making the entire family dress up in clothes of similar shades. I mean common, how much of a coincidence can it be? 

All in all, let's just say Life became too predictable. 

All these factors put together made me realize that I wasn't getting anywhere with this ( not that anything great is happening now, but I'm sure in a happier space). That's when I decided that I was going to go International. Total change. No Indian soaps for a month. 

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The first place I tried was Netflix. This is a story in itself. There was this guy who really liked my friend and wanted to meet her. But she wasn't interested at all. One fine day he got a brainwave and said that he would share his Netflix password with her if she met him for half an hour. And that was it. Like a good friend I tagged along, met up, did nothing but stared at our phones as if we were the busiest people on the planet, endured 30 minutes of awkward silence, had a coffee at 1:30 in the afternoon, said our goodbyes and left with the Netflix password. Not bad at all. Indian Jugaad I tell you. *hehehehe*.

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The story after that proceeds pretty fast. I binge watched the entire Riverdale series in 2 days till my eyes almost popped out of their sockets. The only worthwile scenes in the entire series other than obviously Cole Sprouse was seeing:
1) Jasons's killer was his dad. (Disclaimer: I knew that beforehand but the way they revealed it sort of disappointed me). 
2) Jughead putting on the Southside Serpents jacket followed by Betty's horrified expression and that BG music. Gave me the chills that scene.

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I next attempted watching 13 Reasons Why. My true intention this time was to see the entire series dutifully but I am the most impatient girl in the world. I watched episodes 3,4,5,6,7 and then jumped directly to 13. And that was the end of the story. Short and Sweet.
But by then I was bored of Netflix.

Looking for new options, I stumbled upon a Korean video trailer of the K-drama K2 starring Ji Chang Wook and Im Yoon-ah on YouTube.

Welcome to a new chapter in my life. The reason I started learning Korean.
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K-Pop Celebs, Bands and Korean Words

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