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Trump Force One and Trump Tower

In my earlier post, I wrote about Trump Force One & Trump Tower. Below is a guided tour of President-elect Donald Trump's Private Airplane (and not a Jet ).  Trump Force One Now for his home.....or mansion/ palace/ wonderland/__________ fill in whatever you can think of after seeing the pictures. Just a small disclaimer before you start : Everything that you see is 100% real. No photoshops at all.  The tables are real marble, the bathroom sinks and taps are actually gold plated, etc etc etc. The list is endless. But you get the picture, right ?  And yeah, just for the record, everything is super-expensive. As they say, "Only because you haven't seen it, doesn't mean its not true."     I am not even trying to name the rooms.....they are way too many of them !

Trump to Step Away from his Business

Is this possible ? If there's one thing that I know about politicians is that a lot of them (actually the majority) only talk and rarely do anything concrete. Now that's something which is common in all countries. At that time it doesn't matter if you belong to the United States of America or to India or any third world country. They're all the same. I once saw a documentary based on the lives of stock market traders. They may start their day on a loss but by the end, almost all of them are in profits. One guy actually said : " Once a trader, always a trader". Same goes for politicians and businessmen. They really don't change overnight.

The Weekend

So here's the situation. (It's a full 7 days,so pay close attention to the chain of events) Monday is your last paper (gets over at 5:30 pm). You chill the entire evening. Tuesday is a holiday. Since it's a first after studying for one whole week, you find no problem in whiling away your time. Wednesday, your college decides that you have had your share of enjoyment, so they call you for 2 marketing lectures.  Thursday and Friday turn into unexpected holidays because the teachers are doing supervision duty. On the former, you go out furniture shopping. The latter is spent in reading books. Saturday is the most hectic day of the week. Lectures until 11:30 am. Next you have to go for an interview in Andheri (Train - Metro - Rickshaw). Not to forget that you enter the wrong office and then while coming back take the wrong metro. *hehe*.

Writer's Block ? Maybe Not

This is one of those rare days when I don't know what do with myself. And I'm saying this in a boring sort of a way. Has it ever happened to you that during your exams or during a time when you need your concentration the most, it sort of ditches you and you start thinking of something totally unimportant that you can't get it out of your mind ? It always seems to happen with me. And now that there is nothing, absolutely nothing to do, I have full access to the laptop, my brain refuses to supply me with any ideas to help while away my time. How unfair ! I have spent approximately half an hour sitting in front of the laptop trying to force thoughts into my mind to write but there seems to be some Great Wall of China which is protecting it from I-don't-know-what. That, my readers is a writer's block.

Strangely Perfect

Who is the first person who comes to your mind when you read the title ? Strangely Perfect Now there are two ways of answering this question: 1. Are you thinking of a strange person who is perfect ? OR 2. Are you thinking of a perfect person who is strange ? Think , Think, Think !!

Public Opinion on Demonitization


Demonitization - Boon or a Bane

Short Term - Bane Long Term - Boon (Only Time will tell) Its been 2 weeks since PM Modi announced that 500 and 1000 rupee notes would be of no use in India (now that's a midnight surprise -well,not literally, but I'm super close). In these 2 weeks, every bank watchman has done much more work than he would have done in the past year. Bonus toh banta hai. People standing in queues to get their money converted or to deposit has become a normal sight. Standing in the lines can take upto 3 hours on really bad days. (I had my exams, so was exempted from that tedious and super boring task). But I must say the banks are trying their best to handle the situation. Waterbottles are being handed out to people as well as separate lines for senior citizens have been placed along with chairs. But as they say, Its all for the greater good. Is it ?

It's been a hell of a year

2016 has been the year of shocks and surprises. Trump winning the elections, India having a Coldplay Concert, Martin Garrix at Mahalaxmi Racecourse and the Demonitization of the Indian currency. And to think all this happened in November itself. Lets see what December has in store for us ! Its surprising how something happening in one place can trigger a number of emotions from people living in another place. This year's been an epic example of this very statement.

Change in Blog name

Just a small notification....I changed my blog name since Live Life Travel felt a tad bit common,  even though it wasn't.  I made it up myself. It's now so its easy to relate to the blog address. Thank you for reading !!

Coldplay, The Vamps, Jay Z and Demi in India

I didn't know who Coldplay was. But that status changed 2 days ago. Here's how :

Farewell to 500 &1000 rupee notes - 8/11

8th November 2016. Indians will remember this as the day their lives became a total roller coaster. Prime Minister Modi declared that from midnight no one (except for hospitals and chemists) would be accepting 500 and 1000 rupee notes. A Huge Move. At first I doubt anyone was ready to believe this. But as reality sunk in, people started making a beeline for ATMs and Banks where they could exchange their money for the newly minted "pink" 2000 rupee notes. 

Conversation between 2 aliens about human beings - they are made up of meat

"They're made out of meat." "Meat?" "Meat. They're made out of meat." "Meat?" "There's no doubt about it. We picked several from different parts of the planet, took them aboard our recon vessels, probed them all the way through. They're completely meat."