Interesting equation on Power of Compounding

In first instance, start with say Re 1 and earn 1% compounded everyday ... at the end of 365 days, your capita becomes Rs.37.80

In the latter, you start with Re 1 and lose 1% everyday - then see how much you are left with.


Why are you not getting "good" marks in University ???

Welcome to the REAL REASON !

I literally need to be quarantined in order to study. Every single thing in my house makes me want to do stuff other than studying.

PS - By "good" I meant parents-approved marks.


Aadhar : Are we taking things too far ?

Since the time Indians were told to link Aadhar to EVERYTHING, there have been numerous jokes being circulated on Whatsapp. What we didn't know that those jokes would one day turn into to a hilarious/ridiculous (whichever way you look at it reality).

Thats's pretty much the story. You now require your Aadhar enrollment number for every single thing in this desh. 


Is RBI destroying the Indian Economy ?

Finance minister Arun Jaitley portrayed the Rs 2,11,000 crore recapitalisation of public sector banks that he announced last week as the first essential step to reviving the economy. He is right: bank credit has stopped growing because all but a handful of public sector banks are so mired in irrecoverable debt that they have lost the capacity to lend.

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40% seats go vacant on India's new Bullet Train

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As the Modi government proceeds with the grandiose plans for a Bullet Train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, a RTI query has revealed that over 40 percent of seats on all the trains on this sector are going vacant causing huge losses to Western Railway.

Ease of doing Business - India jumps from 130 to 100.....and that's GOOD NEWS

Should we really stand up for the National Anthem ???

 YES. We should. Why ? Because we must show some RESPECT for our country.  For what it has done over the years, what it has achieved and how it has helped us. Nobody out here is actually scared of the law. So there is no fear factor. Some countries instill so much of fear in their citizens that debates like these never see the light of the day (One plus point India has. Freedom). Three cheers to democracy !!

 You may crib about a hell of a lot of stuff. But let's not forget one thing : India has a population of 1.324 billion as of 2016 (it is safe to assume that it has been growing ever since). Handling that many people, providing facilities to them and most importantly making sure everyone is happy is NOT an easy task. 

More kids + more school seats =  lack of jobs.     Also
More vehicles per family = more traffic + more accidents + more pollution = less healthy India

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Count the number of problems you encounter everyday and multiply it by 12. That's probably how many of them keep knocking on the government's doors every 2 days. So I guess showing a little respect for the people working behind the scenes by standing for 2 minutes doesn't really hurt that much.

 If there is a serious physical inability to get up, putting a hand on your heart will also do. No one's going to send you to jail for that. After all that's what foreigners do (since we "sometimes" look down upon our country while looking upto to others. Every argument comes with a standard ".....bahar ke desho mein aisa nhi hota....") Some even do both (stand an hand on the heart).

I say forget Patriotism, think about respecting your country.....and if you think this is being "forced' on you, or you're feeling trapped, then tell me 3 ways in which YOU are respecting your country in you daily life.

3 most common lies on the Internet

1. I agree to all the Terms and Conditions.
2. Status : Offline
3. Yes, I am above 18 years old

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I'm lovin' Southside High #Riverdale Reviews

Jughead officially enters Southside High and we get to know why the parents of Riverdale want to keep their kids away from the the other side. I don't blame them but after seeing such "good" people in Riverdale who are killing their own kids, I'm dying to see some bad people who have each other's backs. Everybody say hi to the Ghoulies, Jingle Jangle and Toni Topaz (I love the pink in her hair! *already a fan*).

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Veronica has all of sudden turned from blaming her dad for the murders to being all honey and sugar over him : Introducing her friends, calling Archiekins to dinner and all. I sort of stand with Hermoine on this one. "Give your father some time. Don't rush into it". Forget the father I say, give US some time !

Archie has been a disappointment since episode 1 of season 2. I don't blame KJ Apa, but somehow Archie is running way ahead of what is being revealed to us. That's why even the other characters cannot understand his frustration.

What I'm most interested in at this moment is currently Kevin Keller. Something is seriously up with that guy and I really hope it's not all to do with his being gay in Riverdale. There has got to be more. He better be involved in some shady business or something realllllly bad.

 I'm dying to know who our pyscho serial killer who goes after the "people Archie loves"  is but if Archie and Veronica keeps on acting this way (I'm beginning to see dark circles. I don't know yet if that's my imagination or what )  I doubt I'll be able to keep my patience till the end of this season. 

Dhinchak Pooja is rockin' & shockin'

Dhinchak Pooja is in the house baby Yo Yo.... Bigg Boss 11 mein ab mazaa aayega kyuki ab woh aa rhi hai Yo Yo.... Kaano mein aag lagegi boss . These were the answers that I got from my friends on Snapchat who were watching the Sunday episode special. Everyone was like are yaaaar. Only thing is I don't know if that was said in an OMG-I-can't-see-BB-anymore kind of way or in an I-feel-so-sorry-for-the-inmates kind of way. But you know what guys, whether you like it or not she's there now, and you can't do anything about it other than stop watching Bigg Boss (Which I doubt will happen. Everyone's addicted).

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But I have to say two things.
1. I admire that girl's guts.
2. Bigg Boss just played their trump card.

Dhinchak Pooja isn't a robot or some alien from outer space. She is just a normal girl who felt she was good at singing (or rapping), who had quite a few supporting friends, a red scooty, an Audi (maybe hired) and loads of guts to shoot a totally cringe worthy music video which ended up going viral by luck.

Now everyone can complain and troll her all they want but you have to admit this:  Each one of us has contributed to those 26 millions YouTube video views that her Selfie maine le li aaj song has got. So technically we are responsible for making her an overnight sensation so much so that even Bigg Boss had to call her as a wild card entrant on the show to add some masala and boost the already high TRPs. I myself have shared that song with atleast 10 people. Not to mention the number of people who have forwarded the link to me as well.

I really don't blame her for doing what her heart told her to do. Very few of us have been able to do that if you see. Society kya kahegi sochke we all back down. But it doesn't matter now. She's in the house baby! So those who haven't heard about her yet will come to know who she is and probably become her '' fan''.

However I have a feeling that she won't be able to fight or take panga with anyone that much. And even if she does the only weapon that she's got is her voice and the cringe awesome lyrics that she writes. And when that happens, forget the BB inmates, you yourself are going to run out (or get evicted by mom) from your house!

Let's hope that incase or whenever she gets evicted (or wins; you never know) she will come up with another song so powerful that it breaks Despacito's records in another dimension!  *wink*

Happiest Countries in the World

Facebook needs a DISAGREE button

Hell Yeah ! Why ? Simply to say "I Disagree With You" without actually saying anything or giving an explanation. Social Media is a free world. You can say whatever you want. It's your platform. But everything has a limit. Sometimes people don't understand things. They take it the wrong way. A just and serious cause becomes a joke.

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What do you do at this point ? You know what is happening is wrong and also that it's none of your business to interfere. But you can't let it go. At the same time you don't want to give comments and initiate a debate online for everyone to see (because obviously, no one likes being reprimanded on their own post). You just want to get your point across without saying anything. So what do you do ? Hit the Disagree button!

Saamnewala gets the message and can ask for justifications in messenger if it affects him/her that much. Problem solved.

PS - I'm not asking for the DISAGREE button on pictures. That'll be rude. On shared posts is what I'm talking about. Especially those ultra long posts which people don't write themselves but just copy paste (some of them only after reading the first 2 paras). Because some people on your friend list may not actually be your real time friends. It's not worth picking up a fight with them just to prove your point.

Hit the DISAGREE button and get an awesome sense of satisfaction !

Now please don't go searching for this button. It doesn't actually exist yet!

Southside Serpents Rock #RiverdaleReviews

Okay. First things first. I've binge watched all of Riverdale's Season 1 episodes. They were too good. Only spoiler was the way in which Jason's murderer was revealed. Nothing in that episode made me go hawwww. I had firmly decided not to watch season 2 which was releasing on 11th October. Only the last scene, of Jughead putting on the Southside Serpent jacket and Betty's reaction with that awesome background music made me type Riverdale on Netflix again.

Image result for southside serpents season 2

But season 2 first 2 episodes were a bit of a let down. With all that promo hype and all, half of all the main scenes was actually just a dream. And we're sort of sick of that in India; all daily soaps have that kind of precap every 3 weeks. The first episode would have been a total waste had it not been for the Southside Serpents. I'm starting to like these bad guys who are willing to do anything for Jughead's dad. Talk about brother love. They were the guys who made watching both episodes worthwhile. And not to forget Ms. Grundy's death.

So what I'm looking forward to is the serial pycho killer being someone who we see on screen every Wednesday, rather than some goon who was hired by Hiram Lodge or whoever. Ofcourse the next episodes MUST be filled with the Southside Serpents with their super-awesome bad boy image and you-don't-wanna-mess-with-the-SS attitude.

Who gets credit for reduced fireworks this Diwali ?

This was my first Diwali in Bombay. All these years I have been celebrating this festival of lights at my paternal grandparents place in Pune. I called it the "escape". And escape from what ? From the pollution because we always believed that Bombay was way worse than Pune in terms of firework induced pollution. So this year, my family and I were mentally prepared for the blast of noise that was to come upon us. However we were pleasantly surprised with the substantial reduction of fireworks.

At first I wasn't sure who to give credit to for this wonderful change. India has a large population. Step out of your building and you find a number of specimens you never imagined existed. Aliens would be damn impressed by the Indians. Definitely. I'll give you the types of people I've come across this Diwali and you can then decide who gets credit.

Kids between the age group 9-15 have become very smart and mature for their age. They understand the problems that the environment is facing and are ready to BE THE CHANGE. This is largely due to the influence that the school education system has on their students.

However, the parents and the youths from the 20 to 30 age group are a problem. Parents go about saying that thode fatako se kya hota hai ? ab nhi khelega toh kya budhape mein karega ? ek din ki hi toh baat hai , Diwali hai bhai! chalta hai and so on. They are the ones who buy their kids all the stuff. Then you can't blame a child for not wanting to play with it.

The young parents are another extreme. They seem to spend their entire Diwali bonus only on fireworks and in wanting to give their kids a "taste" of their own childhood. *ridiculous*.

And then you have the chichora gang. Till date whose goals in life even I haven't understood.

We won't talk about the 55+ people because for all you know, it's not their lack of desire or sympathy for the environment but the inability to light a firecracker without getting burnt themselves which is stopping them from lighting any.

The best I found is the 15 to 19 age group. Give as many taunts, complaints and gaalis as you may want, but you have to admit it; this selfie taking group of youngsters are the best. They have the desire, ability and means to light firecrackers, but would rather take pictures with their pataka gang rather than waste time in lighting fatakas !!!


How long can a human being live without

The world is a beautiful place....or is it ? - Millennial Couple Bikes Near ISIS Territory to Prove ‘Humans Are Kind’ and Gets Killed

An idealistic young American couple was killed in an Islamic State-claimed terrorist attack last month while on a cycling trip around the ...

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