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35 Blank Days

35 blank days.

35 days of not posting anything. Even my instagram seems to have more updates than my blog.

Which is a shame, considering that I love to write (as well as receive compliments *wink wink*).

2016 saw me give my 12th board exams (which weren't the best papers I'd written), start my BMS course, get a new car, become a FACC and Core Committee member, complete one semester and turn 18 as well.

Of all these years December has been the most hectic one. But it now looks like January is going to give it tough competition. December - the most awaited (and relaxed) month of the year - now seemed totally different. I wonder if I am still going to have the same feelings for my birthday month next year.

Seemed like 11 months was all crushed into the 12th month.

Hence, the 35 blank days.

Just incase undergoes another writer's block during this month, choose any one of the options below and I'm bound to be busy doing one of these.

1. Skit-cum-dance performance

2. Industrial visit

3. Masterchef (College)

4. Internal examinations

5. Class Activity

6. observing International Street Children's Day

PS - Whoever said 18 year olds don't have a lot of work huh ?

Everyday of 2016 was exciting and I'm sure 2017 will try to keep up as well.


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