Is RBI destroying the Indian Economy ?

Finance minister Arun Jaitley portrayed the Rs 2,11,000 crore recapitalisation of public sector banks that he announced last week as the first essential step to reviving the economy. He is right: bank credit has stopped growing because all but a handful of public sector banks are so mired in irrecoverable debt that they have lost the capacity to lend.

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Jaitley believes that the fault lies entirely with the bank managers, who have lent ‘excessively’ in a ‘non-transparent manner’, and then ‘hidden’ their actions ‘under the carpet’. What is non-transparent is the meaning he attaches to these words. Is he saying that the fault lies entirely with public sector bank managers, who have been corrupt, inefficient or both (which is not a surprise; India seems to be the land of corruption), and have then hidden their misdeeds?

One look at the sheer volume of bad loans and its composition shows that the problem is far too pervasive to be attributable to the misdeeds of public sector bank managers, and has to be one that afflicts the entire economic system.

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