Part 2 - Around Goa in 72 hours

Baga Beach in the night was a treat for the eyes. I had come to the same place 9 years ago and it definitely has made a lot of improvement. The shacks are better and have expanded their area and influence onto the sands. Every shack has around 25 to 30 candle lit tables out on the sand with these low lying chairs overlooking the water and LED lights the same colour of their shacks so you know which place you’re eating at. I wanted to see Goa nightlife and I got it. The only problem was the music. It was way too loud. Every shack had a dance floor with each DJ trying to show the other guy that his set was better and speakers louder. So by the end of just 15 mins you wouldn’t really know what song you were listening to. So go eat a shack if you want to just eat and dance (and not talk, it’s useless; you wouldn’t be able to hear anything) otherwise walk on Tito’s lane for the normal restaurants.

Tito’s lane is the life of Baga after the beach. That’s where all the clubs are. That place (and the others, as I came to know later on) was exactly like Thailand. So the next time you zero down on Thailand as your international holiday destination, go to Baga or Calangute instead. Both places are filled with Gujratis, South Indians and foreigners. The pubs, the crowd, the roads, the views, the waters (maybe Coral Island is a lot more blue), rides everything is the same. Goa is practically Desi Pattaya.

PS - I speak from experience.

The next day we shifted base to Candolim but not after taking a ride up to Thalassa, Siolim. This is very close to Chapora Fort (a.k.a as the Dil Chahta Hai fort). I didn’t go here, although my friends did tell me that the view was breathtaking but only if you climb over the wall. Next time maybe.

Candolim is quieter than Baga and has a better crowd. Evening we went to Candolim beach which was a lot quieter than the others (nothing great; again Rs.100 on parking).  Atleast no blaring music. The day ended with dinner at Fisherman’s Cove – live music, dancing etc.

PS – Try avoid going there if you’re a big group because you’ll have to wait for a longer time (more than 45mins). Or you can go early at around 8-8:30pm and save yourself a seat.

On our last day in Goa, we realized we hadn’t been to a single church. Off to Panjim to visit The Basilica of Bom Jesus where the body of St. Francis was kept. It is a heritage site so there were a lot of people (Catholics and other faiths mix; all can enter the church). Opposite this is an Archaelogical Society Museum or something but be sure to be there before 6pm otherwise gates close. Next to the church is a small souvenir shop which sells a lot of amazing things to take back home.

We also went to Reis Magos, a small fort just before Fort Aguada. This one has a small museum with the history of the place. With an entry fee of Rs.50 and no parking charges, the fort offers another breathtaking view (I dont know how many times I’ve used these two words but that’s just what they were!). Not many people are aware of it so there is hardly any crowd but that’s just the way I liked it.
In the night we went to the Ritz Classic for dinner (super expensive place but crowded, famous for fish thaali in the afternoons). After that we took a walk round the promenade to see all the floating casinos (Big Daddy, Deltin Royal, Casino 7) in the water (approx. 1500 entry).

Now all this was what I could do in 3 days. Next time I go I’m going to take a map so that I can plan out the places to visit properly instead instead of travelling from North to South. Also, taking a boat tour is another good idea (Rs.300 per person for 45mins in the water, they will take you to around 6 points; closed during monsoons) as well as going to water sports (para gliding, speed boat racing and the banana boat).

Part of the journey is the end.

This is a motivation for another road trip, preferably somewhere cold this time.

Leh Ladakh?                                       

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  1. Nicely written and helpful. Thanks.

    Next time do try Niro, its cashew juice, not alcoholic like Feni/ Urak

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