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Silent Hills Resort, Manor

Last year , we went on a trip to Silent Hills Resort, one of the largest planned resorts in India, situated in Manor, off National Highway 8.

This resort has a water park and is famous for its one day picnics. However those who have booked only the picnic packages may not get to see the resort and its rooms. This resort is separated from the picnic area so the guests get a sense of privacy.

The rooms are a 5 minute walk from the reception area if you are a fast walker. The resort is surrounded by the Vaitarna river on one side. It houses a vegetarian restaurant of the same name. The rooms are modest but the landscape wins the prize.

The 2 days 1 night package is a bit expensive but if you focus on enjoying the greenery and the resort facilities, I think it may be worth it.  Every room has a view of the Vaitarna river so I guess you would want to spend the majority of your time outside your resort room. The resort feels like a well maintained rainforest with signposts guiding you to the jacuzzi, sauna, gym, water park, boating, amusement park. 

The Vaitarna Restaurant offers vegetarian buffet. It has a very relaxing ambience.

There is nothing much to do in the resort, so a one night stay is more than enough to enjoy all that it offers. 



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