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A Narrow Escape

I had to write an essay in college during the Business Communication lecture. So here it goes :

                                 This incident took place about a week ago. We had gone for a family trip to Jawhar, a small hill station about 2 hours away from home. To reach Jawhar you need to take a few winding roads, some having very sharp turns. The route is very scenic as you climb higher with the hills on one side and valley on the other. Due to this, many bikers and youngsters are also seen on this road. 

 It so happened that once my uncle was driving our car on the ghats. Since there wasn't any other vehicle, we were at a high speed. It so happened that a particularly sharp turn, we saw a group of bikers. There was gravel on the road due to which they skidded very badly. Since we were at a high speed and weren't expecting this, my uncle pushed hard on the brakes, causing the car to spin until it stopped 5 feet away from the edge of the road at a height of 200 feet. That was a narrow escape as either 2 bikers would have got injured or a car full of 7 people. But everyone was saved.


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