Jawhar - The unknown hillstation

So since the time college has started, I've joined quite a lot of activities which prevented me from going out anywhere. College was from Monday to Saturday, but as if that was not enough, I joined Taekwondo (self defence) classes which took up my Sunday as well. However, I did manage to get one Sunday off. That day we went to Jawhar....100 kms away from Thane.

My opinion ?- Get a group and leave right now ! Monsoons are the best time to go there. During this time the streams are overflowing, the lakes are lovely, and if you are lucky enough, you may even get to see a waterfall ! The drive to Jawhar is heavenly- Ghats, waterfalls, streams and beautiful valleys. You first pass through Manor, then Vikramgadh to finally reach Jawhar. There are no proper eating places as such, but there are quite a few small motels. Go in a group - Safety in numbers.

While we were there we visited :
1. Hanuman Point ( you can literally drive your car upto the cliff edge ! )
2. Jai Vilas Palace (wonderful walk - Paradise i'd say ! )
3. Jawhar Lake (bliss- scroll down to know why ! )

These places are all close by.

Some pictures from the trip.

 Road to Jawhar

Scenic beauty- Fields 

Jai Vilas Palace 

View from Hanuman Point
 The mini dam
 Jai Vilas Palace - from a distance
Jawhar Lake

So what are you waiting ? Ready Steady and leave right away !


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