The reason I started learning KOREAN

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I chanced upon a video on a Korean drama with English subtitles about a month ago on YouTube. Everything thing about them was very different from the way Indians go about their daily affairs. That is, if we are to believe that the natives of South Korea live exactly the way they show themselves in their dramas. I was always told that the television is an idiot box which is true 90% of the times since we tend to watch nonsensical stuff. No wonder our family scrapped the TV back when I was in 3rd grade. So it's been years, considering that I am down doing second year University.

But nevertheless I found a substitute to waste my time. However, this time I have used it to serve a greater purpose. I am learning a new language! Korean is a language which is spoken only in South Korea yet I chose to learn it because their videos with English subtitles were easily available on YouTube. Now I am not talking about tutorial videos. I am that kind of a girl who loves learning new stuff only if the content and way of learning is interesting. 

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The idea about learning it came after I had binge watched around 7 K-dramas (they have finite series with a maximum of 50 episodes about 45 minutes each, unlike Indian daily soaps which tend to continue for 5-6 years). So far the language has been quite easy to pick up (unlike Thai which I tried to learn and hopelessly failed a few days later). Google translate has come in handy but personally I wouldn't rely much on that. The reason being that different words are spoken in different situations. So you might end up using the wrong word without intentionally doing so and end up hurting the other person. 

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I got so taken into learning Korean that I even Googled stuff about the country. Although for first hand experience I recommend watching a few K-dramas (both period and current) to understand the culture better. Here is some information I gathered:

1. All the men (including celebrities) have to complete a 2 year mandatory military service period during their lifetime. (The country is almost continuously at war with North Korea)

2. Their surnames are always taken first. For example: Lodge Veronica (Surname- Lodge and Name- Veronica)

3. Kimchi, Soju and Rice is their staple diet. (Much like how you have dal, rice and roti for Maharashtra, Idli-Dosa-Chutney for South Indian states)

4. Their currency is Won. ( 1 Won = 0.0757 INR)  (1000 INR = 17585.03 Won)

5. They are really respectful towards their elders as well as strangers whom they meet. They will always bend down in greeting. (Very much like the Indian way of joining your palms together and saying namaste)


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