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I took a 3 month break and....

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....I  realized I had missed out on a lot of good stuff. I knew I hadn't posted in a while. But it turned out to be the most underrated statement I had ever made. I have a link to my blog on my Instagram page and I never miss a chance to tell people that I'm a "blogger". But it all turned out to be a sham. Why ? Because there isn't a blogger on this planet who has gone incognito for 3 months. 2 days more and I would have completed my 3rd month anniversary of not posting anything (not that it is anything to celebrate about, I'm just saying).
My reason for disappearing? Nothing.

Now this sounds like a pretty lame excuse but I just didn't feel like writing. Not that I had a writer's block (as I've so often written about) either. One would normally take a break and start pursuing other interests or start studying harder; but that wasn't the case with me. Though I did do a lot of diary writing (along with tons of self-retrospection), dancing and driving around. One thing that I regret was the fact that I missed many interesting articles (like section 377 and 497 and a lot more). 

But not any more. I'm going to make it a point to post at least 4 articles every week from now on. Fingers crossed!


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