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How may I help you ?

The initial idea behind writing this blog was to tell people about my travels within India. But slowly as I became more involved with writing, I realized that only travel posts would not satisfy me. So, I moved on to blogging about trending topics.

This post is actually a continuation to one of my first travel posts but with a twist. In college we had a Marketing lecture in which we were studying about the extended 3 P's (from Marketing Mix). Physical Evidence was one such P. This point was about the ambience a certain place had. 

Last year, I went to Nashik and visited Sula Vineyards (a winery). We stayed in Igatpuri (Mystic Valley Spa and Resort). 

We were very happy with the service at the resort in Igatpuri. The staff was attentive and very courteous. "Yes Ma'am", "Aap ko aur kuch chahiye Ma'am?", "How may I help you Ma'am ?", "Are you comfortable Ma'am ?" were the common questions asked.

The waiters would stand at a respectful distance and were very good. The place felt super comfy. Truely atithi devo bhav !!

On the other hand, when we reached Sula, the place was completely different. And I am not talking about the grounds and interiors at all. That was a class apart. No comparisons on that section.

The attendants were all standing upright. There was no sign of "Ma'am" or "Sir" anywhere. Now, I'm not used to this. They were polite, but in a stuck up sort of way.*No offence, but I really couldn't find a better way to put it".

The guide was fantastic and so were the tasting experts. But still I wasn't comfortable there. They have their own resort called Sula Beyond. That time, I wanted to stay there. I had already thought of checking out of the Igatpuri place. I guess if I wasn't so hungry at that time I would have convinced my parents to stay there.

But now that I think of it, I'm happy we didn't stay there. Because that place didn't feel like home.

Now every customer has different expectations from their host. Everyone likes to live in a posh place. But comfort (I'm not talking about material comfort) is one thing everyone longs for. As for me, no matter how posh or expensive a place, it doesn't appeal to me if there's no warmth ! 

I think I enjoyed Igatpuri more than Nashik ! 


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