When Stress gives you Stress

Ask somebody how to increase Instagram followers & they will tell you to keep posting pictures. Basically make sure people don't forget you.

Same goes for a blogger. Make regular posts updates so that you're not blinked out of existence.

Whatever be the blog, the person writing it is normally very creative. But some days, there comes a time when even your brain gives you the ditch. But there is always that urge to type, to write something, to form opinions on every single topic under the Sun (even on things you haven't heard about).

The fear of being forgotten is one kind of stress. But what do you do when that stress gives you a new stress which makes your brain lose the ability of thinking (even if it's temporary). Imagine a day when your body has a permanent break-up with your mind. *OMG*.

That's when you're hard pressed for topics to write. But no worries.

You can always make a blog post which is all about nothing.

That is the beauty of having a platform where you can write fully knowing that there are atleast 2 people would read it (and I'm not talking about parents *hehe*).

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