End of BS-III Vehicles

Yesterday was the last day that BS-III (all cars, trucks, motorbikes whose engines emit 2.30gm of carbon monoxide which is now quite harmful to the environment) type of vehicles could be sold in India.
From April 1 only BS-IV (which emit 1gm of carbon monoxide) could be manufactured and sold.
Due to this Diwali and Dhanteras came early to India with all major manufacturing companies like Honda and Bajaj selling their vehicles at huge discounts, some even going down till Rs. 22,000 off.

Because of this mad rush, a lot of showrooms downed their shutters as all the bikes had been sold. People then started calling up dealers across the state to find out which bikes were available.

Manufacturers had been given enough time (approximately 1 year) to dispose off their BS-III vehicles and start manufacturing new ones. However many slept over the Supreme Court order resulting in last minute chaos. When they realized that no extension would be given, everyone started selling the vehicles at very low prices. 

Now due to the excess number of vehicles being sold, the number of registrations taking place shot up from 8000 to around 15000 on March 30 and 31. This caused the RTO online site to crash. Dealers were saying that entries for one particular registration had to be done 10 times in order to feed in all the details. 
Earlier it was said that after getting the vehicle on the TC number, owners could ride locally without a registration number. However owing to the recent overload, the new rule forbids people to ride without a number plate and RC book which will be issued in April. 

One month ago I had booked a Dio (which now costs Rs.49000 as compared to the earlier Rs.62000) which came in two days. However I had decided to take it home only after the registration was complete. For 15 days the RTO closed. I was told to wait for another 15 days as that's the normal amount of time required to register a vehicle. 

Now with all these new happenings along with the extra number of pending registrations, it will take more than just good luck for the number plate to come before 15 days. 


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