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Mumbai University - New e-lockers for students & alumnis

Mumbai University has finally opened its DIGITAL LOCKER facility for all students and alumnis where they can store all their important documents such as degrees, details of AADHAR card, photographs, marksheets etc for use of higher studies and future job applications. This online process aims to reduce processing time by more than 80%.

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However I doubt the extent of good this new programme is going to do. My batch has always been a "year of the firsts". This is the first time that Mumbai University has decided to set question papers for First Year Degree students. The intention behind doing so was that all college students write exams for the same amount of syllabus. However this led to students filling University examination forms all over again because MU somehow couldn't avail the student data which was filled at the start of admissions. Hence started another long and absolutely time waste of a process.

For the second semester also the Foundation Course paper for the Internal Examinations was scrapped 4 days before the start of the exams ( not that I was complaining at first. That was  one thing I didn't mind at that time. But I definitely would have if it hey a bigger paper.)  Then MU took money for the Sem 2 main exams which they later on refunded ( I have no idea why. I have never seen anyone so confused in life).

One of my teachers had said that Mumbai University creates solutions to problems that weren't a big deal in the first place, and then end up creating a bigger problem to which they have no solution.

Th DIGITAL LOCKER seems to be a good idea ( did I mention that they will be scanning for fake degrees as well ? ) and will soon turn out to be a fantastic one if it works out well. We will only have to wait and watch.

Until then, All the best to Mumbai University with their new venture. You still have 730 days for any improvements and experiments. ( I graduate in 2 years time ! ).


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