Historical Wrongs can't be corrected by Courts: SC

Today's papers were filled with the Ayodhya Verdict. The decision made put a final end to a dispute which has been going on for the last 5 centuries. 

One of the points put forward by one of the parties was to be compensated for the losses which they bore due to past regimes. Mentioned below is an excerpt from the verdict which rules out against the demand: 

PS - The excerpt has been taken taken from the TOI writeup (dated 10th November 2019).
The judges ruled that courts could not correct historical wrongs, and rejected the Hindu parties' pleas to correct the action of Mughal emperors of demolishing several shrines, including the Ayodhya temple, to build mosques. The SC said a mistake of a past sovereign regime could be corrected by the courts only if the present sovereign recognized and accepted the action of the past sovereign. 

"Absent such recognition, the change of sovereignty is an act of state and this court cannot compel a subsequent sovereign to recognize and remedy historical wrongs."  


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