Sab Ganda Hai, Par Sab Dhandha Hai - Maha Govt Plot Twist

Everyone looks forward to weekends for the simple reason that they get to relax, unwind and recharge themselves for another hectic workweek. But not the Maharashtra Govt. Atleast not this weekend. In between Friday night and Saturday early morning, our State Govt proved to us that if they put their minds to getting something done, they will; even if it involves staying up post their working hours. Hail Politics and Self - Interest!

I guess it's pretty apparent by now what this writeup is going to be about. But no. I won't bore you with that anymore. Instead, I'll include a few links to help you catch up:

Long story short:

  • ShivSena (Uddhav & Aaditya Thackeray) has allied with NCP (Sharad Pawar) and Congress (Sonia Gandhi)
  • BJP has allied with NCP (Ajit Pawar)
  • Sharad Pawar has stated that allying with BJP is not a party decision but his nephew's personal choice (he's basically on his own)

Now that you know the story, here are a few things that bother me:

1. What was so important about this whole event that couldn't wait until morning? (I mean I'm pretty sure we've had some bigger concerns in the past years and surprisingly none of them were "important enough" to keep our netajis awake all night long) 

2. Who let the President be disturbed in the middle of the night or maybe maybe let him be woken up so early in the morning to revoke Presidents' Rule? (I mean seriously people, he is the PRESIDENT. Of INDIA. A country with a population of 1billion + people and 1trillion + problems. Surely the whole thing could have waited) 

3. BJP was given 3 days to prove their majority, Shiv Sena 48 hours and NCP less that 18 hours. Surely that seems a little unfair? 

4. Also, Fadnavis was first sworn in as CM and will now set to prove his majority in the coming week. AFTER THE SWEARING IN. Shouldn't it have happened the other way around? 

So much for now I guess.....but I'd like to say just one more thing. 

Chanakya would be pleased. 

Jai Maharashtra! 


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