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A message from the next Generation

Off late, I've been watching a lot of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes. Some would swear by it and some would call it pure nonsense. Not worth wasting your "precious" time which could be used for other "productive" work. However I wonder, how many people are actually satisfied with the outcome of their so called important and necessary work.

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Life is a Race. A race one runs only to come first. Second and third is not an option people want to remember is available. Nowadays everyone is in a rush to prove themselves. Be it in academics, sports or other things. But the question is Prove What and to Whom and most importantly Why ?

Do the things we do truly give us happiness ? Will winning the race guarantee us a good night's sleep ? What's the use of running the race if you have net to 0 chances of knowing the answer ? Now isn't that a criminal waste of time ? My father often says: "At the end of the day you cannot tell if Mukesh Ambani is happier or a beggar."

When I use the word "RACE" I refer to competing for something that you are just not interested in. Something that you are being forced to do against your will. That is a race. When you enjoy your work and it gives you a kick or a "high" in 21st century lingo, it's not competition.

I was recently browsing through YouTube when for a change I decided to watch something other than F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The something else that I eventually watched was a Ted Talk by a 10 year old girl from India titled A message from the next Generation (link enclosed down below). Here she speaks about not asking children what to they want to do when they grow up but asking them what they want to do now.

I bet their answer would be totally different from a person who is much more worried about his tomorrow than he is about his present.

Try it out and let me know if it includes running a race !

Video link  -- A message from the next Generation


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