Trump Presidency

"The first family is a complicated one. Donald Trump has had 3 wives, a total of 5 children and many complicated business ties and alleged scandals.........." This was the first line that I heard when I played a video based on the Trump family.

Add to that the recent government crisis and you have a failed Trump Presidency.

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According to the recent polls conducted, 37% thought that Trump Presidency was heading in the right direction whereas 61% of the voters disagreed. This is 70 days after Donald Trump became President of the United States.

So far there have been three major setbacks that keep recurring in the news -

1) The humiliating collapse of his "health care" bill.
2) His attempts to stop Muslims from entering America are being blocked by his own country's courts.
3) His alleged  campaign collaboration with Russia.

He was/is ( I can't still make up my mind on that) a business tycoon (he did say he would give all his attention to Making America Great Again but as they say "Once a businessman, always a businessman" I'm not so sure). I am a first year management student. Just like life, business has its ups and downs. Growth - Boom - Recession - Depression is part of the normal Business Cycle. If politics is even 10% of business then Trump still has a chance to get back on the right track before he loses it all. And along with him the United States of America. 


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