96 students have the same best friend

2 - 3 people having the same best friend is acceptable. But 96 ? Seems next to impossible. But our new generation of students have proven that impossible is the new trend.

The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) has caught 96 copycats from an exam centre for mass copying in the English paper SSC exam held recently. Interestingly, it was their collective best friend 'Vikram' who spilled the beans as all 96 students had written a photocopy essay on 'My Best Friend' without changing the name and basic traits of their khaas dost.  

This same thing happened when I was in first year. Our class had just gone on a Industrial Visit and each of the 65 FY students were expected to submit a detailed report. Since I was incharge of collecting all 65 word docs, I told them to write their name and roll number as the heading of the document as well as the subject of the email. What I got was around 20 - 25 word docs with different subjects on the email but one common name and roll number in all word docs.

 Apparently just deleting 20 characters and writing your own name is a lot of work! If everyone helped each other so much all year round, we would all start getting O grades in our semester exams. Talk about yeh dosti hum nahi todenge!


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