Trading Diary 28-05-18 - I earned my first Rs.3200

Today was my first day in real time trading (after weeks of practice).

My father and I have decided we will trade in NIFTY only (specifically in options). We will not be trading in stocks.

We are mentally prepared for a loss of Rs. 5000 per trade. Not all trades will be profitable so the focus is on keeping the loss small and letting the profits run as long as possible.

Today I was long in the morning and bought 10700 NIFTY call options. Position was squared off by 2 pm giving a net profit of Rs.3200.

Given my trade size, the profit is not much. 

This is the 5 minute chart of NIFTY Future. I was long in the second bar. 

This is the order book/position statement of my trading account. The MTM (stands for mark to market and is basically the profit earned).


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