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Why to keep your phone "Partially-Unlocked"

Your phone is either locked or unlocked. There used to be no in between option. But now, there is. Passwords are kept for security. Har ghar ki ek hi kahani hai. Some brainy kids may be even more advanced.

As teenagers we keep passwords mainly because we don't want our parents to know what plans are being made, where and with whom. Certain manual safety measures are putting the mobile data off when giving the phone to parents so that they don't see incoming notifications, putting a password lock for all social media sites, keeping another safe app open in the background so that you can quickly switch, keeping one ear open incase any ghost who walks comes in your room late at night etc.  But apparently, the best security your phone and most importantly YOU can get is by keeping it "partially unlocked". How so?

This method will defeat the entire purpose of mummy daddy se chats aur photos chupane hai until and unless you have a secret vault/ Applock/ CM Lock or something. But in the long run it is the best option you have. Keeping your phone partially locked means to set a password but at the same time sharing it with atleast one parent and friend who you trust will not open your phone unless something really bad happens to you. #touchwood). Because in a situation where somebody does something bad to you, the first resort the police take to is extracting information from your phone's call logs and chats. This narrows down their search for the culprits. That would only be possible if your phone is unlocked or atleast somebody knows the password. Same goes for all social media accounts.
Times of India dated 10th May 2018, Page 1 lower half. A 21 year old boy went to a party and texted his parents saying he won't be coming home as he was spending the night in that bunglow. Next day his phone was switched off. Then his father sent out a search party and they found his battered body in a lake 1km away from the party venue. Cops are saying there must have been a fight and some guys who were high on drugs and alcohol must have beaten him up. That's a really bad way for a 21 year old to go or for that matter anyone to die. The police wanted to check his call logs and chats. But then the phone was locked. So they couldn't access it.

Now this is something to which you can say yaar shubh shubh socha kar, aisa nhi hoga, hoga tab dekh lenge, tera bhai lambi zindagi jiyega etc etc etc. But let's face it. Not everyone out here is there to protect you. And we are shutting ourselves out from the people who can actually help us. The phone, in the 21st century is a part of who you are. And locking that is going to be a major obstacle to anyone who is trying to help you out.


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