Started trading in NIFTY Options

Currently I'm learning trading  NIFTY Options.  We prefer NIFTY Options as it helps us focus only on the index and there is no need to track multiple stocks/signals.

 Positions will be squared off by 3:30 pm.

All trades would be done using 5-minute charts. We already have a charting software and real time data feed. 

This is what an intraday chart of NIFTY futures looks like.

1. Upstox Pro - It is a online brokerage which helps you to trade and analyse the Indian stock markets in real time. They have extremely low rates (Rs.20 per order and Nil for delivery). You can take a demo at Upstox Pro.

2. Day trading - The buying and selling of shares during market hours from 9:15 am to 3:30 pm with the intention of making a profit.

3. NIFTY Options - A derivative product where the underlying is based on NIFTY index. When you're trading the index, you are not really looking at stocks but only the index.

4. Squaring off - Closing a position taken a earlier. If you have bought something, you should sell it and vice versa.

5. Charting software - A software which is designed for analyzing the stock market.
 I use Amibroker.

A very good option alternative is to use a free web based service like Trading View. Here you get 5 minutes delayed intraday data for all Indian stocks. 


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