My father told me to "Catch Them Young"

Sunday. My father woke me up as always (the best part about mornings). Except that today I was told in a very serious tone that I had to get ready to go to church (by my Hindu dad married to my Catholic mom *love*, so it's normal) to register myself with my age and photo for the newly started "Catch Them Young" programme. And I fell for it. 

Turns out that this "Catch Them Young" is a made-up programme by my father in which all kids who have attained marriageable age (which makes me eligible because I'm 18+) have to register. Basically this thing aims at matchmaking maybe because kids nowadays are going astray or whatever and choosing all the wrong kinds of life partners. So my dad felt it wise to enroll his only daughter in "Catch Them Young" (what a name, I really thought this was real).

Really. Indian parents love knows no bounds. 

Disclaimer - "Catch Them Young" does not exist in reality. And I don't plan on getting married anytime soon! *wink*


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