No time for Family: God save our generation

Busy work schedules and fewer holidays means more people are spending less time with their families on festivals. In a study conducted, it was found that one in every two people said they haven't met their family during festivals in the past 3 years. About 50% of respondents said they spend less than 30 days a year with their parents while 76% have cancelled a family holiday in the past 3 years. However, they are still bonding digitally (kya zamaana hai). 89% said Whatsapp was the new "meeting place" for families, while 73% are connected by Facebook. Considering how smartphones and chatrooms have taken over our lives, youngsters now prefer staying connected over social media than actually spending time with their families. 

As for me, festivals means family. There are lot of things which get passed on to the younger generation during these times when the family comes together. Past experiences, stories of childhood memories all make us realize how much we've grown (for better or worse) and how much we are yet to grow up in life. India has a rich cultural heritage which can be carried forward by the younger generation only if we spend time with our elders.


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