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Fear of king's ghost stops villagers from celebrating Holi for more than 100 years

If you're a Holi (Indian festival of colours) lover, you won't be able to believe what you're going to read. Call it fear, superstition or nonsense, but this village in Jharkhand has not celebrated Holi for over a 100 years for fear of their king's ghost haunting them (they even have evidence and past experiences to support their decision). Totally unimaginable for something like this to happen in a country like India (in a country where the first thing people check when the new year starts is how many bank holidays are there in the coming year!).

Being a Bombay girl, I find it funny and call it ridiculous. But for the people staying there, it's a living nightmare. I'm not entirely sure if ghosts exists or not (stupid horror movies have corrupted my mind. No wonder they say that the TV is an idiot box), but for the people of Durgapur, Jharkhand, they have no choice but to believe this story if they don't want misfortune to befall them.

So here's the story. In Durgapur village, there once lived a king whose son died on the day of Holi.

 He forbade the people from celebrating this festival. Surprisingly, the king also died on Holi after a few years. Ever since that day, no villager from that area has ever celebrated Holi. If there was anyone who did, misfortune was sure to hit that family or the village suffered an epidemic.

Don't call me superstitious. But when you have a lot to lose (your life/family/home/business), skipping one festival makes a lot more sense if it ensures your family and village being safe.


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