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The half wink that took the nation ('s boys) by storm

Priya Prakash Varrier. And her half wink. That's about it. One wink and this actress from Kerala became a national sensation. 1:33 to 1:53. With a screen space of less than 20 seconds in a 3 minute video, Priya Prakash managed to steal the hearts of lakhs of people. Thank god no one had their exams around that time! Otherwise we would have lost record of the number of ATKTs students would have got.

 One day her Instagram account shows 300k followers and the next day a whopping 1 million. My feed was literally filled with posts of #SakhtLaunda, jiska bhi dil nhi pighla woh sakht launda hai etc etc. While most of the boys fell flat for her (many of them sending her marriage proposals and Valentine's day date offers), the girls didn't seem too impressed.

The hype over Priya Prakash Varrier's half wink also received some criticisms with people stating that her 20sec wink was getting more attention than the 6 soldiers who were recently killed.

Here are some popular memes made on PPV's half wink:

Music video link :


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