Life is so unpredictable - Actress Sridevi dies; aged 54

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The sudden death of actress Sridevi has left the country shocked and grieving. Just 54, Sridevi died after suffering a cardiac arrest on Saturday in Dubai where she was attending the wedding of actor Mohit Marwah, a nephew of the Kapoor family.

 Sridevi, respected by her colleagues as a fine actor with a gift for comedy, is considered the first female superstar of Indian cinema and leaves behind her a rich legacy of films in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. 

Life is so unpredictable. You don't even know if the person standing in front of you will be with you the next moment or not. No wonder they say, never do anything you will regret or jo bolna hai achcha bolo nhi toh chup raho. 

Earlier the average death age in India was around 69-70 years. Now, it's dropped drastically to 50-55. In the past 2 years, 3 of my friends have lost one parent. All sudden deaths. 1 person from my school died in an accident. Incidents like these sort of freak you out. It makes you wonder if studying so much, working through the night, worrying about things, eating/staying healthy, is actually going to guarantee you a long life. 

Moral of the story: Apna har din aise jiyo....jaise ki aakhri ho !


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