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I attended a Book Fair at Sunderbai Hall today and....

....I bought 8 books *hehehe*. Not that I'm very happy with the number of books I bought this year, considering that I purchased a lot more the first time I went there. I actually expected to buy a lot more. I even made plans to travel from Churchgate all the way home by Ola in case I couldn't carry the load back home. Now a book fair is a real super saver for bookworms like me since they normally price it at Rs.100 and Rs.300 a kg for premium books (all your famous bestselling authors and series). If you go on each book will cost you around Rs.200 to Rs.400. The bookstores likes Crossword are way more expensive (they put their own price tags I guess).

Last year when I went I got a lot of JK Rowling, Jeffrey Archer and Dan Brown books. This time surprisingly they weren't to be seen at all. So that was one major disappointing factor. We thought they must have been sold out real quick (even though the sale started on the 5th and we went on the 7th).

However, there were a lot of other premium author if you're not an Archer or Brown fan. To name a few:

  • David Baldacci
  • Fifty Shades of Grey (I don't know the author)
  • Charlaine Harris
  • John Grisham
  • Nora Roberts
One good thing was that I found the entire Veronica Roth Divergent trilogy. I've seen the movies already but I've heard that books are always better than the films so I'm excited.

I also got some Lee Child (Jack Reacher) books and some others that I've never heard of but don't mind trying.

 All in all I would say that the Sunderbai Hall Book Fair in Churchgate has a lot of stuff (second and third hand children's books, novels, premium authors, inspirational stories, dictionaries- all in good quality) that would interest you. It's open till the 14th of this month. So go try your luck!


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