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I opened a Quora account & I'm so happy I did

I love writing, spreading gyaan to people younger than me (I take after my father in that aspect) and answering questions (some of them really make you think). Few days ago I opened my Quora account for the very first time. I had heard about the site before but had never taken any real interest in it (considering that I was quite busy the entire year organizing college events). 


I will only say 2 things. One, that it is really addictive and second, there is a lot of knowledge to be acquired out there. Now ideally anyone who doesn't know a lot about the site would think that you ask questions, people answer them and vice versa. That's not entirely true. You don't necessarily have to ask questions or reply in order to be on Quora. The site is wonderful even if you just want to see people write.

Another helpful thing is that Quora is probably the best place to improve your English. The way people write in fantastic. While reading answers you wouldn't know if author is a 12 year old school kid or a 50 year old working person. The quality of answers is also excellent, most of the them coming from personal experiences. 

Also, you can ask questions related to any topic that interests you. These will be answered by people from all over the world belonging to different nationalities.

All in all, Quora is a lovely place to learn new stuff and expand your knowledge.


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