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This article made my day !.....Here's why

5 Reasons Why Dating A Girl Who Loves To Read Is A Good Idea.....For Better Or For Verse

Imagine being a girl who loves reading books (literally places them on the #1 position in her life) and waking up to this! Forget the dating part, but finding girls who read books (not study books; that everyone has to read- whether you like it or not) is a great catch in itself. 


Here are some excerpts from the article which I liked best:

"......a girl who reads can be the most hopeful human you'd ever interact with. She plays with her imagination well and doesn't (usually) squander her thoughts away on reckless things in life."

".....a girl who reads voraciously always has an imaginative personality. It takes one away from idle boredom, and such people are always liked and cherished for their minds."

"....a girl who reads is way too patient for your own good. If she can read a 1200 page book right till the end, then she definitely is a patient soul. But don't take advantage of it; it's a gift that she acquired willingly and doesn't want anyone to mess around with it". (I sort of like this part. Something which shouts - Don't take us for granted!)

"'ll be enthralled by her storytelling skills and would find it difficult to move your eyes away from her. She'll merely narrate an incident or an experience with a lot more zest and enthusiasm with verbose fluidity."

Now the last is one big paragraph because I couldn't find the heart to cut it.

"......A girl who reads gives a real world perspective. She has a fresh perspective about almost everything and is mostly perspective. She would be good in giving sane and wise advice and have a balanced opinion on most things you may dabble with. Other than that, she is emotionally very centered and can handle any given emotion she experiences. A great person to have around you when you're dealing with an emotional meltdown."


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