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Be Average. Your Life. Your Rules

End of the year comments: Excellent, very good, can do better, needs supervision and improvement, etc. How many of us have gone through this during our entire academic life ? Why do we let other people's judgements, based on a totally ridiculous education system (some parts of it) decide what we become or are fit to become in our lives ? Studies don't define who you are as a person afterall (some would argue otherwise). Maybe on the professional front, yes. But there is a vast majority of our personal life as well on which studies have no control.

Fatigued by the obsession of flawless, a new generation of youngsters are shunning the pursuit of perfection. People nowadays have become smarter. In the process of learning how to face their biggest fears (insecurity, inferiority complex, social pressures etc) they have now embraced the fact that being excellent or perfect is not the ultimate goal. There is much more to that in life.
Being in the age group of 16 to 30 means being in a rat race where you are competing with a 1000 rats at the same time. Each hungrier than the other and after the same bit of cheese as you. But there is a new breed of youngsters who aim to be Buddhist Youths. These people accept the things they cannot change. They simply go with the flow. Running doesn't take you places. Your passion does. 


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